Entry 4: The Butterfly Goddess

After a couple days of re-healing the pain of climbing stairs, the sadness of being cooped up is rising. What does that mean?! That means it’s time to get out of the house again! One word, two syllables: picnic!

Hugo Mobility Blog - The Butterfly Goddess

I think L needs to feel special and share some romance since lately it’s been all about me, my pain, my healing, my needs, my demands, me-me-me. I am typically the rock in many lives and seldom ask for help or support. So having someone (and letting someone) care so deeply and so much for me is a foreign feeling. Either way, IT’S PICNIC TIME and my excitement to be out again is so above and beyond!!

The Picnic basket is a little different than my pre-accident basket would be. It now includes a box to rest my elevated foot, ice packs, painkillers and a side order of crutches. The first park I choose is a total ghetto park filled with street punks, their dogs and random junkies. I guess the KMarket is different on a Monday 6pm than the regular Sunday day of mass public adventure and tourism.

After making my way to a safe spot in the icky park, I am on edge and ready to attack with crutches in hand as my weapon. My plan of action with L is that I’ll whack with the crutch, while she runs to get the car. This time my bark and bite are aligned, however this Gangsta Princess is on such a tense alert that there is no room for eased engagement, romance or a comfortable escape from the hot dungeon I call my apartment.

And so after all the effort of hobbling over and getting set up, we pack it all up for park number two. I thought hard to pick the perfect park, and I did. High fives all around, I save the romantic evening and L loves me again 😉 Hugo Mobility Blog - The Butterfly Goddess Visitor

We arrive at park heaven and it’s just perfect! The scenery, the people, the huge trees and thick grass. We find the greatest spot and ease into comfort. Within ten minutes a butterfly is becoming comfortable with us and what I assume is our energy. As my leg is stretched out on the resting box, this pretty little butterfly continuously lands on my big toe.

I repeat, the “butterfly” lands on my sprained foot’s big toe.

Since when do butterflies and humans chill and interact?! I believe there are signs all around. And so L and I spent two hours enjoying our picnic, playing with our new butterfly friend who has now allowed me to transfer him onto my finger and close to my face. I feel like the butterfly goddess! I realize that even during tough times there are opportunities to enjoy beauty, simple bliss and authentic quality time with loved ones. It’s about the right mind frame, positive energy and surrendering to the moment.

But still I can help saying out loud…”can I walk yet?”

Follow the recovery antics of Julie Wajcman as she attempts to heal her foot while continuing to get on with life. Wajcman is not an athlete but rather has athletic tendencies. In addition to blogging about her recently sustained injury, she is a national corporate development manager for a non-profit organization and actively volunteers her time to important causes in her community.