Project Description

Marilyn Alexander, DULE, MBA

Marilyn Alexander 2013Marilyn Alexander is a freelance writer and communications consultant focusing on seniors, their mobility options, housing options, health and safety issues, and their opportunities for a bright and fulfilling future. Alexander has provided communications materials, developed newsletters and provided programs and activities recommendations for senior housing societies in Canada. She has developed course material and lecture presentations for Certified Senior Advisors, a Canadian society that provides professional accreditation and education for industry and consulting professionals serving seniors. Alongside her writing career, Marilyn volunteers at a multi-cultural senior residential complex, researches government and community services for seniors, and works to raise awareness of the value of today’s seniors.

Alexander’s background is in international business development and international real estate franchising. With an MBA and a diploma in Urban Land Economics she earned accreditation as a CSA (certified as an advisor to seniors) and earned real estate credentials including: F.R.I., C.M.R., R.R.A, R.I.(BC). Find her on LinkedIN.