Hugo Elite Rollator spotted with Ruth

outside the fruit store on Westminster Street

I met Ruth this morning outside the fruit store where I buy breakfast. I noticed her walking with a red Hugo Elite rollator and struck up a conversation. Turns out Ruth is a long-time Hugo customer. She graciously shared her experience with the Hugo Elite, then she humoured me and let me take her picture at 8 o’clock in the morning. She told me that she’s very happy with her Hugo Elite and uses it everyday. The rollator replaced her 2-wheeled Hugo Folding Walker, which still comes in handy when space is tight and she has to travel light. She also likes her brother-in-law’s side-folding Hugo Explore rollator as a compact alternative to her folding walker. We parted ways, her to a 9 am appointment, me to post this at the office. It was a pleasure to meet you Ruth!

Hugo Anywhere Mobility bumping into a friend