If you could use some help with your balance, a new video blog gives you access to the information you would acquire from an Occupational Therapist about fall prevention, and the equipment recommended to protect you from the risk of falling at home.

Occupational Therapy to correct standing balance problems

Marcia has problems with balance.

She already fell more than once and broke her hip during her most recent fall.

Marcia can feel unsteady when she is standing up or turning over. Sometimes she suddenly feels like she is spinning, floating or tipping over when she walks. Her dizziness caused her to lose her balance and fall stepping into the shower. She had a hip-replacement operation to fix her fractured hip.

Coming home from the hospital, she wanted to address the standing balance problem that led to her fall in the first place. Her doctor referred her to Occupational Therapist Laura Choiniere.

occupational therapy - using a reacher gripper

Occupational Therapy for standing balance.

During the home visit Laura assessed Marcia’s condition and recommended equipment, strategies and techniques that would keep her safe by preventing falls in situations where she could lose her balance.

Laura demonstrated how to properly use the equipment so that everyday tasks like dressing, washing and cooking are easier and safer to perform.

Marcia’s son Steve shared his experience setting up the equipment. And Laura helped Marcia understand the safest practices for each device and how to use them properly. By the end of the visit Marcia’s space was adapted with a bathtub shower transfer bench, grab bar, toilet seat riser, bedside commode, walker with two wheels, and a reacher.

Now she is able to go about her day with confidence. And Steve feels better knowing his mom is safe.

If you think you or your loved one would benefit from a session with an Occupational Therapist, preview the process here before booking your appointment.

occupational therapy - raised toilet seat installation