Week One

Wow, the things we take for granted when we’re fully functioning and healthy. Julie's injury - Hugo Mobility

I think I am way too young to be sitting in a chair…in-the-shower! To be honest, it makes me realize there are signs all around. I remember pre-accident days, every morning listening to my dose of national news, hearing the daily commercial about devices that help in the shower if you are prone to slips and falls. I’d say to myself “ya, IN thirty years, not AT thirty!.” Nope and yup.

Here I am with a chair in my shower until I get my AquaSense chair. My poor dining room set will never be the same, and I promise all my guests that I will always be the one to sit in the shower chair over dinner, Haha!

What a nightmare this first week has been. I am so grateful for my family and friends that brought warm wishes, filled my fridge (ma, I love your Quinoa dish), watched my favorite shows with me in bed, and I am especially and forever grateful for L, my partner who has temporarily moved in and whose life is totally on hold for mine.

The first week, oh my gaaaa the pain! I thought painkillers would be amazing, especially since I have a pretty strong threshold for pain and like a Bombay G&T. Ya, well not only did they make me hang on to anything I ate, they also made me puke. Oops, to be taken with food, note to self!

I am lucky to have a supportive team at work that have tolerated me working half in pain and half in la-la painkiller land. My new office set up: two laptops sprawled across my bed and my foot elevated and healing at all times. The only major problem is this heat wave!

My portable A/C is not compatible to my space, and therefore I am slowly melting. Yes, I am a natural shvitzer (slang for sweater), you know the kind that isn’t B.O stinky, just a dry drip. ANY-WAYZZZZ, I swear I don’t stink. As I was saying, this heat, come on this is insane! Even my poor power fan is shvitzing and begging me for mercy. I have it blasting in my face, however have to turn it down while I am on conference calls.

Conference call on painkillers. Oh my, that’s a whole other scene! The mute button has become my best friend and worst nightmare! My boss can now hear the sound of my eye rolls. Boss-man, if you are reading this, you’re the best (insert batting eyelashes here!)

Spartan Race - Hugo Mobility



Learning to walk on crutches, woohoo fun! I now have pretty rainbow bruises under my arms to match my ankle. Fantastic, just call me Rainbow Bruise Goddess.

Coach has been asking me for daily pictures of my ankle, which I send. She’s keeps telling me I am healing like an athlete. Ya, whatever!

So now, I have gone from a Spartan to an Athlete all in one week. “LIAR!!” I am now, more than ever, a big mouth gangsta Princess, however my requests have gone from dinner locations, selected wine lists and mani-pedis, to “I need ice, I need water, it hurts, I need my meds, I’m hungry, I hate my life…” and so on. L is one brave person to take me on at a time like this.

Being immobile and totally dependent is so tough. Every wobble comes with a painful moan, and all I keep asking out loud is “Can I walk yet?”
Follow the recovery antics of Julie Wajcman as she attempts to heal her foot while continuing to get on with life. Wajcman is not an athlete but rather has athletic tendencies. In addition to blogging about her recently sustained injury, she is a national corporate development manager for a non-profit organization and actively volunteers her time to important causes in her community.