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Hugo Navigator

Read what our customers have to say about the Hugo Navigator

A marvel of intelligent engineering and worth every penny, brilliantly designed. Construction appears extremely sturdy. Welds look very solid. All parts seem to be attached using screw fasteners, offering the possibility of repairs, although solid enough that I doubt these would ever be needed.

Seat is firm and comfortable, wide enough to accommodate most body builds. Very quick and easy to convert to a transport chair — simply drop the foot rests onto the pivot pins and rotate them into place. Wheels are soft quiet and tough neoprene-like material. Brakes are readily adjustable (just like bicycle brakes) using two 5/16″ open-ended wrenches.

A real plus is that unlike most walkers and transport chairs which fold flat, but still are dimensionally large once collapsed, this walker folds into more of a cube, so that it can take the place of a passenger on a seat in even the most compact of automobiles. Very handy when accompanying a user to the hospital, if the hospital doesn’t always have courtesy wheelchairs available.

Handles are ergonomically contoured and very comfortable. Hint: if you have to leave it unattended, leave a steel cable lock in the storage compartment to be able to lock it to a building structure. Seat is high enough that it can indeed be used at a table.

Hugo is wonderful. Hugo Navigator is probably the best product of any kind we have purchased in years. Easy to setup, easy to use, excellent design – even the small details, instruction manual etc. Great way to transition my 99 year old father in law from his walker. He is able to walk most of the time, but can ride when he is too tired or we have to go too far.

We were wondering how it would fit in our car – but that was not a problem. It can fully fold up (6 folds) in about 2 minutes, but we happily found that just folding 2 of the wheels got it ready to fit in the backseat of our compact car in about 20 seconds. Highly recommended.

Glad this item rolled into my life 🙂 I’m younger than the usual buyer, broke several bones in an accident and this has been a huge help. I unloaded my house with wheelchairs, walkers, canes that good Samaritans had given me to help out. I now have this one item, it does everything I need and looks kinda spiffy.

I will keep it in the family to loan everyone as it is a fantastic multi purpose item, and as far as I am concerned a traditional walker is useless. A rollator allows you to push down with your arms to straighten your spine and the handles are beside you instead of in front of you so your weight distribution is much more normal. I bought the blue and I find it less obtrusive than the red, even though I would normally gravitate to the flashy.

It is perfect!!! It is perfect for travel, go to the shopping mall, etc. The use is very simple. I love my HUGO
I love the convenience of flipping the seat back to convert from walker to transport. My mother in law has a different walker/transport combo that requires a lot more time and energy to convert which is a problem with the time needed to reassemble when your loved one is tired and needs a place to sit right away. A simple flip of the back and I can get my mom seated and safe. The foot rests are easily installed. The pouch under the seat fits all the seat belts and the foot rests so everything is convenient.
I bought this for my father, and it is great! It is very sturdy and well-constructed, and also comfortable when he uses it in transport chair mode. I highly recommend this product.
Very good purchase. Very practical. I highly recommend this navigator. It is simply amazing and useful. If you need an article like this, try Hugo

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Hugo Folding Walker

Read what our customers have to say about our folding walker

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If your mom or dad or anyone needs a walker this is a great product. Quality construction and ease of use gives the Hugo a 5 star.
Grandmother Loves it, I sent this to my grandmother and she loves it. She likes the two bags for storing items for her dog. She takes her dog for a walk and now can store items for the walk in the bags.
It folds up easily and is very durable.
Very nice narrow walker for smaller users. I’m a physical therapist and just assisted a patient in ordering this walker. It’s very nice looking, lightweight, and easy to fold. The little cargo bags are an added bonus, as is the inclusion of both the 5″ wheels *and* the four standard legs. A good narrow-framed walker is not that easy to find. Many manufacturers save money by making the standard, tall, and “junior” versions of a given walker model all the same width – often 27″ or more. Some users are small enough to use a narrower walker, and many *need* a narrower walker to fit through the doorways and other spaces in their homes. If the dimensions of this walker are appropriate for the user, then I recommend it.
Perfect. The product is working as described. Very light weight to manoeuvre for those who are old and have movement or balance issues. I bought this for my mom who has a very severe arthritic knees and has hard time walking.
A great walker. This walker is heavy duty, easy to use and more stable that most walkers I have seen. The price is good for the quality you get. I highly recommend it.
Great walker, portable… it is fairly narrow, compared to some… because my mother is small and would have trouble handling walker through doors, etc, it gave me reason to get this over others. Works great. Looks nice. Is sturdy compared to her prior walker. Was relatively easy to put together.
This walker is light weight but provides the necessary walking support and folds like a dream. Carrying it works just like the advertised picture. I have emphysema, medium, so can walk short distances with no problem, for example, handicapped parking to the grocery market door where I get a grocery cart as walker. In shopping malls, where there is no shopping basket available, I use this walker.
Amazing deal, great quality, I’ve been researching walkers for months to use now and post op hip replacement. I purchased a walker with trays but as good as it is, you cannot use it to sit and eat or do anything as your knees keep it from being used close enough. That said, I needed a 2nd walker and after looking at all the walkers with supplementary trays, bags, baskets, skis, wheels…

You can save a fortune just buy this Hugo Folding walker. It has everything, large but not bulky side pouches to hold glasses, cell, wallet and they’re secured with velcro, easy to open/close or remove. The assembly is simply slip the legs into place; if you’re using wheels, those go on, if you want only straight legs, you have 2 full sets of straight legs. Hugo includes a set of ‘skis’ so you can glide around at home. Add up all the possible options you may need if you’ll use a walker long term and know this is a superior purchase and probably more affordable.

I ordered this before my hip was replaced. I really didn’t need it but am keeping it as my mother-in-law will soon need one. It is made very well and the price was very good. I tried it and am very pleased. We left the legs as they came and didn’t put on the wheels or plastic glides but it’s nice to know they came with it in case they are needed.

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Hugo Portable Rolling Walker

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo Portable Walker

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I bought this walker for my wife who had difficulty walking. She was able to get around much better with this walker. The price was very reasonable.
A Helping Hand. The Hugo Rolling Walker has given me a new freedom and release from the tedium of life confined to a small inside area. With large wheels and brakes I can conquer whatever the outdoors offers. The seat allows rest as needed and the pouch can be used for toting groceries, books, etc. will fit in the back of my average sedan.
Fabulous. The Rolling walker is perfect for a person who needs some help to walk and has the arms and hands in very good usage and condition. Very good product.
My step mother bought this because the doctor said she needed it. She uses this inside and sometimes outside, she sits on this to work her flowers. Put together easy.
Wheels are of a very nice size, making it easy to roll in different environments, such as sand or dirt. Sturdy and easy to push anywhere.
I got this for my 85yo mom. It was easy to assemble (minimum assembly). It has a great feel and is very sturdy. The wheels are of high quality. The brakes are great and work easily. My mom was able to operate the brake system easily and figured out the locking feature on her own. It is easy to fold and stow away and fits easily in the trunk. It can turn on a dime in her small bathroom as well. Would highly recommend this walker.
Great Item, My Mom loves her walker and since it’s made by Hugo, she calls it Hugo.
If you need a walker- this one is awesome!!, great buy……….In fact I own 3 for different purposes…..Great storage spot for shopping or holding tools (I used one in the yard, or for moving thing around.) Fits great in the car…light weight. The wheels are big enough to go through the lawn and over bumps with ease.
This is the second HUGO Rolling Walker that I have purchased for my elderly mother and we couldn’t be happier. It was very easy to assemble and there were no tools needed. It stays folded until you pull a knob that allows it to unfold. My mother actually purchased a different brand from a medical supply store which allowed partial reimbursement from Medicare, but quickly returned it as she had to basically throw her purse into the wire basket which was in front of the walker. We both quickly realized that items could come loose from her purse and fall through the wire basket. So even though we were not able to get any kind of reimbursement from Medicare for this walker, we both feel much better about our purchase. My mother loves the seat and the enclosed basket that is under it to store everything from her purse to water bottles and of course a book as my mother is an avid reader.
Perfect for Mom! I purchased this for my mom, who was using a walker with wheels only on the front. This rolling walker has made it much simpler for her to get around. Her arms are no longer tired from pushing/dragging the ole walker. The seat is perfect for when she wants to just sit down and she can store her water bottle and meds in the compartment under the seat. Price was perfect!
Excellent Product, I ordered this product as a replacement walker for my husband. It works perfectly for his needs, is lightweight, folds easily… which makes it very easy for me to get in and out of the car and to carry or move as necessary.
Love the blue color!! Have used it for 4 months now and it’s just great for getting around as my muscles get weaker and weaker. Gets into all doorways, and will rotate around me easily. The brakes do the job, keeping me in place on our slightly inclined patio when I am sunning. The storage container has become the place for all the things I ‘might’ need. Before, I was always retracing my steps to get what I forgot, or just doing without. I call it my hot rod.
My mother-in-law liked it so much, I bought her two! I ordered this rolling walker for my 5 ft. 3 in., 140 lbs. mother-in-law for her winter home in Florida – she has the identical device at her summer home purchased a couple of years ago. She loves this walker because it is very sturdy, rolls well, has a deep padded seat, padded backrest, excellent brakes and plenty of storage. She feels confident with this walker and uses it for walking exercise and general getting around. She especially appreciates it on days that she does not feel 100% – it gives her a degree of confidence.
Don’t leave without it. I use a cane mostly whilst on land, but nothing beats the HUGO when you go “cruzin” cruiseship that is. Stable and easy mobility, plus you get a place to store your reading material and the beverage of your choice.
Outstanding walker, I bought two of these walkers for my mother and mother in law. This is a god send. It is light and easy to transport in a car. They are willing to go anywhere with this now. Highly recommend this. Can’t say enough about how good this is.
This chair rolls nicely over throw rugs, and all types of flooring, and won’t tip over, even though it looks like it could tip backwards. It was easy to assemble and has nice tools with it. It also is very easy to fold for transporting, and is just as easy to unfold for use.
Wonderful Merchandise. I ordered this walker for my 88 year old mother who had been using a traditional style. She immediately felt more confident and the ease in which she could get around was wonderful. I wish I had purchased a Hugo years ago. Thank you for providing such great equipment.
Purchased for my mother. Excellent product, very good price, features available that were not for higher priced walkers… Design is good, wide sturdy wheel base for walking correctly between wheels. Convenient collapse and expand, good breaking and lock features. Some higher priced models do not have brakes/lock. I am very happy with this online purchase and recommend.
The Hugo walker is exactly what we wanted at a terrific price. My physical therapist said he was very impressed. He also said that he didn’t know that Amazon carried these walkers. He will recommend the walker to his patients. Thank you.
Love – Love – The HUGO. This is my second Hugo–One for the house and one for the car. The Hugo Walker is much, much better than some other brands (more expensive) that my friends are using. The larger wheels are easier to control and the Hugo is just all around more sturdy-but not heavy.
Excellent BUY IT! A+++ This is an exceptional walker for anyone to use. It was very easy to put together. It is sturdy and lightweight. The wheels are very big and thick. The padded seat is thick and comfortable. It has great brakes on the handles. One quick snap downward and it brakes to sit still, one snap upward and it goes again. My Mom is 5′ and she sits nicely on it so her feet can touch the ground, it’s not too high up. It also has ample storage under the seat for a purse or some valuables to hold while shopping. A gorgeous blue color. What else can I say about it. I’ve seen other walkers but they don’t compare to this one. BUY BUY BUY THIS WALKER! You won’t be disappointed…
Hugo Walker was easy to assemble. It turns sharp corners without difficulty, it is comfortable, and the carry pack underneath the seat is a convenience. Thank you for this helpful piece of equipment for the handicapped (me).
NANA LOVES IT!, Nana was mad at me for spending money on her… but she got over that real quick and she keeps this walker with her constantly! She didn’t realize how much she would love it, but she walks so much better and uses the seat to set things on, such as her coffee or some snacks, while she walks/rolls from the counter to the kitchen table. She also feels more comfortable leaving the house knowing that she has this to sit/rest on if needed! The BIG wheels are the kicker! They are the best! The smaller wheels would not have been as good! Also super easy to assemble! LOVE THIS!
Great for MOM! Purchased this walker for my mother to help increase her ability to get around by herself more easily and she loves it. She tells me the larger wheels are make for a much smoother walk than a traditional walker. I am resting better knowing that she is actually using it and enjoying it instead of refusing to follow doctor instructions because the traditional walker was clumsy and hard for her to manage. This is a great walker at a great price!!!
Perfect! My mother loves her walker as it has a basket and doesn’t get stuck on the carpet like her old one did.
Love the Hugo! My mom spent 5 months in the hospital this year and went through tons of physical therapy at the hospital and more at home. One of her physical therapists said in her line of work, she gets familiar with the various brands of walkers and said the Hugo was the best and recommended it. I had bought another brand at the store but took that one back so I could get the Hugo for my mom. I couldn’t find it at a local store so I went online and found it on Amazon and immediately ordered it for her. It’s a beautiful shade of blue and easy to make it compact to easily fit it your car. She loves it!! It’s helping her to feel more independent and safe knowing she has the brand recommended by her physical therapist! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone buying it for themselves or for a loved one!
Great for back pain sufferers. I am well satisfied with this walker. I had pulled a muscle in my lower back and could hardly stand up to walk. We had one of those walkers with the 3 inch wheels in the front but I had to pick it up and place it a foot or so in front of me and then step up to it. So my walking sequence was as follows: Thump, left, right. Thump, left, right. You get the idea. With this baby, I just rested my upper body weight on it by holding onto the handles and pushed it along. The brakes work like those on a bike and if you would like to lock the brakes on, simply push the brake handles down instead of pulling up on them. This keeps the walker from moving as you sit down on the seat.
I got this for my mother she walks everywhere, but she is 81 years old and she fell a year or so ago. We are in the beach area and some of the side walks have grooves or the streets have pot holes. So I called the company customer service and they gave me great advice on getting the bigger tires and that is great is for older people walking around. The tires don’t get caught in the grooves of the sidewalks or the pot holes.
Very high quality at a reasonable price. Replaced a 5 yr. old Hugo walker of the same model proving how durable these walkers are. The frame has a very solid feel and everything assembled with a solid “click”. My 90 yr. old dad likes the color and appreciates the solid braking system. If you’ve seen the prices of other walkers and compare the features, construction and durability of this walker to the others, it will be an easy decision. I highly recommend this walker if this is the type of walker needed.
My mom did NOT want to use any type of cane/walker/etc. to get around. She kept falling. I bought her this on site and got within 2 days. It is gorgeous so my mom feels gorgeous (Important when you are 88.) I only had to call Hugo one time to get past how to close and open it properly. The construction is well thought out and quite easy overall. The trick is trying to put together a spider when you’ve never put together a spider before (said with humor and l-o-v-e). I would highly recommend. It would be nice to have an extra pair of eyes and an extra brain to figure out since when one is a caregiver with very little sleep the slightest glitch can seem worse than it is.
Excellent Product. We got this for our father who has walked every day up until the last month. At 92, he just kept going. Unfortunately, he now needs some assistance and this was just the ticket. He is getting out again and moving which is great for his attitude as well as his health. It was easy to assemble and the large wheels roll easily. The brakes work well with a minimum of effort. The seat allows him to rest as needed. It provides him the stable support he needs while being able to operate. I was even able to attach his portable oxygen concentrator so he can take it with him on his walks.
Keep on rolling. I found the product very easy to put together. Directions were the best. Using it is very easy and has proven to be one of my best buys.
Mother in Law LOVES IT! I purchased this walker for my mother in law for Mother’s Day and she absolutely LOVES IT! I choose this walker because it appeared to be a little better quality than the off brand, so paying an additional $15 was no big deal.

The bigger wheels allow her to manage bumps. The storage compartment under the seat is a BIG PLUS, as it allows her to store her purse or other items. The Hugo Walker also has telescoping handles that can be adjusted depending on a person’s height. Of course this walker allows her to sit and take a break if needed. The brakes are wonderful and can be locked into position so the walker doesn’t roll away and so it can be secured when sitting. The walker was very easy to assemble.

Perfect and durable… We bought this walker for someone who has motor skills trouble and it has been perfect. The hand brakes are a great idea and it’s nice that they have a lock setting too… It’s easy to fold, just pull out on the little red knob on the right side while pulling up on the strap to get the cross-bar on both sides to fold at the same time. The whole thing is easy to assemble with no tools, and the padded back-rest bar has two clips that make it easy to remove if your trunk won’t close. The big 8″ wheels mean going through grass or over uneven sidewalks is easy. The compartment under the flip-up seat is very convenient too.
Sturdy and easy to assemble…I had a Junior Rollator while recuperating from foot surgery. It suited the purpose and I loved that product, but, it’s kid stuff compared to this one.

This is for my 82 year old mother and it is much larger and sturdier than the junior, clearly made for bigger people. The wheels are huge and will be helpful on all terrain. I am 4’11” and my feet dangle from the seat. The handles are also very generous, great for bearing the weight of a leaning elder. The brakes are very easy to apply and release. The soft pouch/basket is nice because you can lift the seat and drop in whatever. The seat bottom has a pocket with velco closure to hold other small items.

Well packaged and worth every penny. I visited my mom at the convalescent hospital yesterday and perused the medical supply catalog furnished her by the physical therapist, comparable walkers were priced at about $249 making this look like an even bigger bargain. Yeah, Amazon!

My husband loves this product. It allows him to go into stores and maneuver the walker where he couldn’t go using just a cane. He highly recommends it. He is getting exercise and satisfaction.
Everything we had hoped for. We bought this for my husband, who has serious issues with his back and needed to switch from canes to a walker. After getting a standard walker, we quickly discovered that wasn’t good for anything but smooth floors, and actually presented a tripping hazard. We needed something that would allow him to get around our property on grass, and go for walks down a dirt road. I think the larger wheels are key, and he loves having the pouch instead of an open basket that exposes what he is carrying to dust, dirt or peering eyes. The pouch holds a lot, the seat is comfortable and well-padded. I can’t yet speak to longevity, but this thing has traveled a few miles in the past 10 days and so far everything is holding up well.
HUGO’S THE WINNER! When my significant other of 23 years broke his hip in January and proceeded to survive myriad setbacks and continuing discomfort and ended up feeling safest in a wheel chair, I despaired of his rebuilding his strength and making physical improvements to his physical stamina and strength. I noticed after several weeks that he’d begun using the wheel chair as a walker around the house and realized it was time for a wheelerator. I researched on Amazon and the Net and learned the 8-inch wheels were the most versatile and then found Hugo on Amazon. Absolutely in love with it.

Hugo is impervious to rough treatment and has provided support at the market, walking a local canal trail, and around the house. My friend has used it in the yard to weed his borders and it’s his seat at the table. He’s grown so much stronger he now ventures out with a cane. I cannot tell you what a winner it is. Simple assembly and the wheel chair has returned to its original owner/supplier. Amazon shipped and it arrived within two days and has pride of place in his home. Easily folded and put into the back seat or trunk of the car. What a miraculous aid for people. Only problem is it does provide an abundance of chutzpah which can occasionally contribute to a bit of overreaching but he’s learned and taught me a lot from using it. Thank you so much for this wonderful device.

Great rolling walker. Got the walker for my father who is 85 and needs help getting around. It helps with the walking and standing more upright. The seat and storage compartment are handy. Great walker at a great price.
5 Stars for this Walker. My 90-year-old mother and I spent at least two hours evaluating walkers on Amazon before selecting this one. We chose it because of its 8-inch wheels, the apparent sturdiness from the photo (the back wheels slant firmly towards the person) and the seat that opens for storage.

Upon arrival, we were not disappointed!…There are not a lot of parts and the Hugo is relatively easy to put together. As my Mom has aged, she has become increasingly fearful of falling. The weight and wheel height of this walker offer a very stable walker… The Hugo It is great for being outside in our yard, on the deck and for talking walks from the house.

The seat is quite comfortable and the storage underneath is great. When you lift up the seat, there are slots on the back for credit cards, etc. Also, the pouch comes with both models, the one with and without it in the picture (it was gratis) and is definitely worth having. There are pouches for Mom’s cell phone and other small items. Her wallet she keeps under the seat when we go out.

We just purchased the cup holder and the tray that goes on the seat, so that Mom can transport a beverage and snack from the kitchen to her favorite spot in the family room. All in all, we are both very happy with our purchase and would recommend it to others.

Great item to find. Recently had to move my mom into an assisted living facility for Alzheimers. About a month after the move she was very unsteady on her feet so they provided one of the old fashion metal walkers for her use.

She would get very tired walking with it so I started checking out the different rollators with the thought that she could walk and rest when she needed to. Read different reviews and the Hugo seemed to get the best all around reviews.

Mom’s been happy with it, however, she said that all the other residents have a bad case of walker envy since hers is so fine. My brother and I told her that they will really be jealous when we pimp it out with flame decals and an air horn.

I could not be more pleased with this product. It has enabled me to have some of the freedom I have been missing because of the limited time I can spend standing on my feet. I need to be able to sit for a bit before I can continue on. This is PERFECT. I can go to the book store and browse the shelves and sit comfortably to look at the titles when I need to. I can go to the movie theater and not worry if the movie is in the furthest corner of the venue. I can just walk a ways, stop, rest a bit and then continue on. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants the freedom to walk themselves and still can. We use a wheelchair for me sometimes, but it is great to have this as an alternative when I can! Safe, sturdy and a good price.
It’s Exactly What We Needed. I came onto Amazon looking to purchase this exact walker for my 82 year old aunt who has Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). My 88 year old grandmother has had this walker for a while now and it’s been fabulous for her! I did look at other rollator walkers before I purchased this one – A couple were less expensive but most were far more expensive and did not have the features I thought made the Hugo so purchase worthy.

LBD affects a person’s body as well as their minds. My aunt has balance issues and needed something to hold on to while getting around and something that she could grab onto if her balance started to waver. This was the perfect solution and even with the memory issues it did not take very long before she got the hang of it. I did have to put a note on the seat reminding her it was a walker and not a wheelchair, though. The seat caused some confusion in the beginning and she wondered why it was so hard to move and steer while sitting in it.

There were several reasons why I chose this walker over the others I looked at and price was not one of them (though a definite bonus)…if the more expensive rollators had been the ones with the features I was looking for I would have gladly paid it…

1) The large wheels. My aunt LOVES being outside. I wanted her to maintain as much freedom as possible for as long as possible so being able to get outside and enjoy her gardens was VERY important and this walker can handle it…it goes over the grass and uneven ground better than the rollators with smaller wheels…is it an all terrain bike? NO, but if someone has need of a walker they will most likely not be “off roading” to that extent…but this allows my aunt to walk easily on the road (even the dirt road) and the mowed areas of the lawn, thus allowing her to still enjoy the things she loves to some extent.

2) The basket. This walker is one of the few with an enclosed basket rather than a wire one and the basket is under the seat rather than in the front of the walker. Nothing falls out and nobody can view anything personal she may be carrying in her basket (like incontinence pads). Having it under the seat instead of in front of the walker gives easier accessibility for her…no leaning, reaching, or spinning the walker around to get to the basket, making it a safer option…and it’s out of the way for maneuverability purposes.

3) The quality. Having seen…and used…my grandmother’s Hugo I knew it was very sturdy but rolls very well. It turns very easily and is extremely stable…which is just what we needed. It was also very easy to assemble and required no tools to do it.

No matter which way you slice it, using a mobility aid of any sort is never going to be as convenient as the freedom of walking on your own. All things considered, this walker has made my aunt a lot safer and has therefore given the rest of us a little bit more peace of mind…you can’t put a price (or less than 5 stars) on that 🙂

Well pleased with walker. Easy to assemble, easy to use, substantial enough to not feel “rickety”, solid performance, pocket under the seat is big enough for a real purse! Shipping was lightning fast and no damage. Well pleased.
Excellent product at the right price. I researched at least a dozen sources for this roller on Amazon and found this to be the best made and at the lowest cost. Sturdy, 8″ wheels, good brakes and easily collapsed for travel.
Excellent Choice. Sturdy, good height, nice back brace, gets through things and over bumps, nice seat/pouch, brakes work well….we were pleased with the purchase

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Hugo Elite Rolling Walker

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo Elite

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This looked like exactly what we needed. The wheels are bigger than on some, which makes it easier to navigate. The brakes are also easier to use than some others. The selling point was the “cupholder”, because we were looking for a good way to move a glass or cup of liquid. It was not difficult to put together… and it is amazing what things can be kept at hand in the various storage compartments.
Freedom! My brother and I purchased this Hugo walker for my mom and are thrilled at the freedom it allows her to travel about while shopping, going to the doctor, and rolling all about. The front pocket holds her oxygen bottle, the seat lifts up to reveal a place for her purse, and provides a place to sit when she needs to catch her breath. It certainly is sturdy. She almost needs an anchor to slow her down when she is using it. She loves it! And we do too!
This is a man-sized walker and I like it very much. I broke my hip two months ago and recovery is going well enough that I was told two weeks ago I could begin to use a rollator-type walker. My local health-aid store stocks only those standard little rollators with six-inch wheels, 200 lb rated capacity, and arms that can be raised only to 35 inches. I have had the use of one of these for two weeks but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I searched AMAZON and had the good fortune to learn about the HUGO ELITE. I liked what I read, that it is adjustable to be useful to people up to 6’5″ in height. The HUGO ELITE is easy to set up. It is a well-designed, well-built, sturdy walker, rated for up to 300 lbs. There is a positive lock to keep the walker folded when I want it folded. With this HUGO ELITE adjusted to fit my height I can stand up straight and walk with a more normal gait. The eight-inch wheels roll much more smoothly than did the six inch wheels. Again, the HUGO ELITE can be adjusted to be a man-sized walker and I have no reservations about recommending to it to anyone who needs a sturdy walker.
I was very much impressed how the product was packaged for shipping; no pieces were lost or broken. Another item about this product was how well it is constructed and put together. They used solid steel/metal pieces and not plastic–where it may be cheaper for the producer, but doesn’t hold up. I was very impressed with the high quality of manufacturing and assembly. I will buy another product from this company as long as they don’t cheap on the quality.
The Hugo Elite Walker is fantastic. This was bought for my 91 yr. old mother and she loves it. She feels so secure while using it. I can recommend this walker highly for any older person who needs an aide in walking. This walker will do the job.
Great walker. I have had 3 walkers and examined more and the Hugo 4.0 Elite Rolling walker is the best. Stronger than most without being wider. Well-designed storage areas that will fold for carrying. 8″ wheels. Everything works well and was as described. Easy assembly. Excellent build quality.
The HUGO 4.0 Elite Rolling Walker is the best accessory a patient could possibly have to use during recovery. It is very stable, rolls easily on every surface, gives security to the patient – and the caregiver. Without this walker my husband would have found it very difficult to move around, indoors and outdoors, after his surgery. We accidentally bought two – so loaned one to a friend who had hip replacement surgery, aggravated by complications with her knee. She also depends on the HUGO to get around her home, and has used it to walk on dirt road to her mailbox. It is quite a distance, and she felt comfortable and safe during her walk.
We purchased this walker for my Mother and are very pleased with the product. My husband wanted this particular brand because the wheels seemed more sturdy than other models. She can use this when she goes out as well as in the house. The seat is great as is the storage under it and the front pouch storage is ample.
As for my HUGO I Love it. Not only does it have a similarity to my name (Hugh) but is as easy as 1-2-3 to put together. This Walker Is Top of the Line, and I recommend it To Everyone.
This walker is great. I call it the Cadillac of walkers. It rolls nice, is very sturdy and light weight. The storage pockets are very helpful. I would recommend it for larger people.
Great Purchase, I bought this walker after my grandmother had a stroke. She loves it, I love it, and we’re always getting compliments. It has a lot of compartment space, and is easy to open & close.
Hugo is great. The large wheels are very good on grass and gravel.
The best item for my mobility. Easy to navigate, safe and easy to fold it to go into the car.
I purchased this walker for my mother. It was quite easy for me to put together (20 minutes). It looked great when done and was easy to put into my SUV. My mother refuses to use it (because she is ONLY 91 and doesn’t need assistance) – Oh well – it is there when she is ready!
Very Good Walker, Purchased for my wife after considering several other brands and sizes. The Hugo Elite has the weight capacity without being too heavy. It has the storage space in the seat and saddle bag, all included in the one price. It has large wheels that traverse ground surfaces well. Good brakes. Great price and excellent value for the money. It is so well built, it makes you want to buy another.
Very nice, It is strong, very high quality.
Good Solid Walker, It was easy to assemble, sturdy, and the large wheels make it easy to maneuver… Overall, it is a quality product.
Well-constructed – easy operation, I started off with a 2-wheel walker with 5 inch wheels. Then I decided to try this Hugo Elite. Good move – the Hugo moves and turns more easily. Thanks to the 8″ wheels, it goes over bumps and transitions much more smoothly. And it goes through doors with a little more clearance. I feel as stable with the Hugo as I did with the 2-wheel walker. Construction appears to be sufficiently rugged. The unit has a nice finish.

Assembly was fairly intuitive, but I referred to the Quick Start guide occasionally to make sure I was doing it correctly. The brake cables were already installed, and adjusted. I was ready to roll in about 15 minutes. The “saddle bag” is held by two straps with snaps – I usually have it removed to increase visibility of things directly in front of me.

UPDATE: I have come to really appreciate the good-sized seat on this – for occasionally transporting stuff from one room to another. Like water for a humidifier, for instance. Temporarily removing the cross piece (easy to do) makes even more room for a bulky package. I just got my second Hugo Elite, so now I have one for the house and one to keep in the car. The second one is identical to the first – same ease of assembly and quality.

Well Made. I purchased this walker for my Uncle and he loves it. This walker is well made and it only took me about 20 minutes to assemble it. The assembly instructions are easy to follow. I did not need any special tools for the assembly.
Retired, military, great product, very helpful! I have advanced COPD so I need to stop and catch my breath, this is the perfect solution!!
Mom’s thrilled! Purchased for my mother, who has a bad back and hasn’t been able to get around easily. The minute she took control, I was chasing her around the yard. The big wheels are key for easy mobility. The sturdy support, locking brakes, and seat give her the confidence that she can get around independently and take a break when she needs to. And the front pockets and under seat storage let her take what she needs with her and keep it within easy reach. Mom (and I) highly recommend this walker.
Easy to put together with lots of practical storage. Rolls smoothly and easily. Big tires are awesome outside. My mom was fairly resistant to getting a walker – but since she has tried it – she has used it everywhere she goes.
PERFECT ROLLING WALKER AT HONEST AND FAIR PRICE. If you need the perfect rolling walker at a fair price–this is it! You can stop shopping. I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident two years ago that busted me up bad. I have been in a nursing/rehab center since the hospital. I have gone from zero weight bearing status to wheel chair, walker, rolling walker, quad cane to currently walking on a single point cane… When I was ready to graduate to a rolling walker I spent a couple of weeks shopping. As my right arm and hand is pretty much inoperable assembly was important to me. I settled on this Hugo product.

I have owned it a year now and not one part has broken… I was able to assemble it myself without any help. As chairs are limited here a comfortable seat was important as I would spend a lot of time on the seat with church, bingo and various study groups. This seat is very comfortable as well as the bar you use for a back rest. When I needed to get up from the walker and my legs were weak and unsteady, the large wheels and strong construction of the Hugo walker made it very steady and stable for me to stand up. I had absolutely no fear of falling. Again, very important as I had two hip replacements. Again, because of strong construction, the walker is very sturdy and steady for walking. The brakes hold steady and true when necessary to use. The storage space is more than adequate between the two storage areas. More important to me was the fact that all the storage areas are completely enclosed and you do not have to worry about smaller items falling out like you do with the walkers with wire storage areas.

I feel that I have covered the areas that are important to us that need walkers. I whole heartedly recommend you to buy any Hugo product. I was so pleased with this that when I graduated to a quad cane and then a single point cane I purchased Hugo products with the same righteous results. Good luck in your recovery!

I bought this walker for my 95 yr. old mother-in-law. She wasn’t really ready for a walker, but due to recent surgery she needed a place to sit after walking short distances. She is 4’9″ and this walker fits her beautifully. She is thrilled with it and is able to use it, including setting the brake, without difficulty. This says a lot because she is always complaining that she has no strength in her hands. It was shipped in a timely fashion, and putting it together was easy. Highly recommend this Hugo Elite Walker.
Feeling safe when walking. I am a senior age 78. I have a seriously injured left leg…it sometimes gives out on me when walking and I lose my balance. Walking with a cane does not give me the support I need. I also have sciatica in my right hip/leg and a pinched nerve on my right side. I could not walk any great distance or even carry my purse without feeling pain. I am now able to walk with confidence around my apartment complex.

The storage seat holds my purse and I can go shopping and place the packages on it. It is light enough for me to lift and put in my car. It was truly worth the extra cash to give me peace of mind. I recommend this product to anyone who is having problems with their walking or balance. I had someone put it together for me. He did it within half an hour…testing the height and seat to my size. A great product.

Home away from easy chair. This is my second walker–first for this brand. Really do like it especially the bigger sturdier wheels, the lift up seat that “hides” what is in in as opposed to the metal kind. Brakes work fine. It is a little wider than the previous one I had but not too wide. So far very pleased with it.
Great Helper. I am handicapped to the degree of being in a power chair most of the time. In cases where I cannot take my chair, I have the ability to walk short distances with assistance. This item is the greatest help I have. It folds for transport, and is sturdy so I don’t worry about it breaking. The wheels are very strong and large so they don’t hang in small indentions or holes and rolls easily over doorway thresholds. It is easy to use on carpet, hard floors, and outdoors. There are 2 hand brakes so you are in control of it on inclines.

The storage compartment under the seat is roomy, and has other pockets in the seat underneath the pad. The storage bag that hangs over the bar is roomy and lets you keep things you need handy. Both the hanging bag and the storage compartment under the seat are removable. This Rolling Walker can go the distance with you. If I do get it in my head that I can make it from point A to point B walking under my own power, and find out along the way I can’t, the seat is great and I can sit and rest. I have even had a companion push me in it when I learned I couldn’t make the distance after starting out. It is NOT recommended you use it this way, but it did work for us in that situation.

I’d like to edit this review to include that the handles do adjust much higher than I needed. I’m 5’6″ tall, and I checked the height adjustment for the handles when another person asked about it. There was still around 10 to 11 inches of height adjustment left for a tall person. Also, I am a very heavy person and it does great even with me sitting on it. I weighed around 300 when I got it, but have lost about 30 pounds since. Putting it together was not a problem either. It’s basically a snap together unit because there are little locking pins that hold much of it together and plastic clips that secure the brake cables.

Hugo is the one to buy!!!! I exhaustively searched the market before settling on “Hugo” (that’s what we’re now calling him) — and we’re thrilled! We chose the Hugo Elite model because it offered seat height adjustment (a feature we’re using to obtain a more suitable lower seat height) and the saddle bag (which we thought might be handy someday — and which is now being used to stow a folding cane).

This walker is for my just-turned-90 petite mother who was beginning to get too wobbly with just a regular cane when going to doctors and such on her own (when shopping, she loves, instead, using shopping carts for stability with the occasional assist of her cane). She has taken to Hugo and her mobility is vastly enhanced. The under-seat storage is perfect for her large purse.

What’s more, she is able to get Hugo folded and into and out of the rear seat of her 4-door sedan on her own (she remains capably self-sufficient)!! Hugo sits on his side on the car seat, handlebars facing forward.

Hugo has one feature we’ve found to be important that most other rolling walkers seem not to have — a secure snap lock to keep Hugo folded. He locks automatically when he is folded; you pull a knob for just the second you start to unfold him.

Other features. The “Pacific Blue” color is gorgeous. Hugo feels sturdy and durable. The wheels are full-sized (smaller wheels on other brands don’t work as smoothly). The Hugo company believes in progressively improving Hugo… The wheels have since been improved. Our version had chunky rubber wheels on the rear (instead of plastic, as in the front) which work a lot better with the brakes.

There was one issue with assembly of Hugo which served to demonstrate that customer service is outstanding. As shipped, Hugo would have been fine if we’d used him with the seat in the higher setting. However, an inner leg tube needs to slide further into the outer leg tube to yield the lower seating and that wasn’t possible in one of the legs as shipped. Customer service was exceedingly considerate and helpful in resolving this issue as rapidly as possible (ultimately taking the part from one of their new samples since parts for this newest version were not yet fully stocked).

Since using Hugo, we’ve had great pride of ownership and have recommended Hugo to the numerous folks who have taken notice of him and inquired.

We have absolutely no connection to the company but are customers and users who are delighted at this superior product, priced here very reasonably, which has substantially improved my mother’s life!

Thus I reach the only conclusion possible: Hugo is the one to buy!

Another advantage of Hugo compared to other rolling walkers: the fact that the under-seat storage is made of solid material, not the wire mesh of some other models. If you’re putting a purse in this storage, you don’t want to risk things falling out through wire mesh and becoming lost!

This is a great assistive device for anyone needing a walker. First, it is easy to assembly out of the box, works very well, has brakes to control it and folds easy for taking in and out of the car. For anyone needing a walker, this is a very convenient one. The storage pockets work well for transporting papers, etc. without the need of a bag or purse when you need both hands on the walker.
Finally GOOD BRAKES, I’ve had walkers for about eight years. The typical wheels and brakes wear to the point where they are useless, even after attempts to extend their life. Finally, by using a tire with a wider and FLAT surface and changing the angle of the brake, these suckers should work for years. Larger wheels make getting through lawns or snow much easier.
A God Send. I purchased the Hugo so that I would have an easier time getting around after I had my foot surgery. I am really happy that I purchased it. I can get around the house a lot better than with crutches.
After 6 months of using the Hugo, I am in love with it. The turning radius is extremely small, almost turning on its own footprint… I have gotten used to putting stuff inside the well under the seat instead of on the seat for carrying. I recommend this product highly to everyone who stops me and asks.
Super Walker with bells and whistles. Used for support in home. Easy to roll and lock. Comfy seat with lots of easily accessible storage. Helps with difficult mobility issues.
Following a 67 day hospital stay because of a Level 4 Staff Infection and two emergency surgeries to save my life I came home on 11/26/11. After working with the visiting nurse I was able to increase my ability sit or stand for five minutes. The visiting nurse suggested a Hugo type product when we started walking outside, first to the end of the drive then down the street. The Hugo Elite (with seat)… has made it possible for me to learn to walk again. I am 6’2″ and 240 pounds and the Hugo Elite has made it possible for me to be able to walk the current 1/4 mile 1-2 times every day. The Hugo Elite provides the support to assist you in walking and standing up straight. I would recommend this product to anyone in need.
Great Walker! Thanks for making this walker! I am unsteady due to heart attacks and strokes. My cane doesn’t help me go anywhere fast, and when I have to stop, know where to sit! Now, with My Hugo I can walk faster, with more confidence, and I can rest right where I stand if I need to! THANKS! My hands are free from carrying anything, storage is right there too!
Excellent Walker, We are quite happy with the Hugo walker. Is easy to maneuver and comfortable when sitting on it. Our little doggie even likes to ride in the hidden compartment under the seat at times. The attachable light comes in handy as well.
Best Walker Ever, I have had the Hugo Elite almost two years. It is by far the best walker I have ever had, and I have had a lot. It has lots of storage, and does well on any surface. We often dine at a place where the parking lot is covered with oyster shells some of which missed the crusher. I can easily get from my car to the restaurant. It does have to be partially folded to get in and out of a cruise ship cabin door. The seat is comfortable to sit for long periods of time. You can also carry your plate on the seat at a buffet. Has a pocket that makes it easy to get to your IPhone and another to have easy access to your key card. The best thing is the basket that folds with the walker even with stuff in the side pockets. The basket will hold my biggest purse with the seat lid down.
This rollator is AWESOME!!! I am pretty young for a walker (54 y/o) but a back injury rendered it necessary. I thought it would make me look “old”. In fact I can walk twice as fast and stand twice as straight as I did with my cane! I can take my dogs for a walk again!!! … The look and operation of this lovely invention is REALLY NICE. If I didn’t know, I would think it would cost $500.00 to $1,000.00!
It’s wonderful and a lot better than a standard walker and I can do a lot more using it and it’s so much more convenient, when I go shopping at CVS I can use a basket and just place it on the seat part of it. I can wait for my car service outside because I can sit in the seat part of it. I just love it… I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
I’ve owed Nova Walker since 2003, it was very expensive and over $250.00 US dollars. This walker is Very Better and it’s the best walker I have owed!
Excellent Walker. We live in a retirement community and have the opportunity to see numerous walkers of all types. I selected the Hugo Elite with Seat, Backrest and Saddlebag from the reviews. It has certainly met our expectations. The instructions had numerous photographs and were very clear, no problem in assembly. I was pleased with the quality of all the parts, should be trouble free… Most Walkers have wire baskets for storage. The concealed storage basket with the Hugo is a plus. The additional saddle bag is worthwhile as well. It stands out among the other walkers here.
Convenient. My wife sprained her ankle pretty badly recently. This helps her get around easily while it’s healing. It’s maneuverable, easy to load in the car, wheel locks work fine. Lots of storage space.
If You HAVE To Use One, THIS Is Great. I am 63. I am an old surf bum, Marine, motorcycle racer on & off road, a surf & whitewater kayaking nut. As recently as a couple months ago I was still riding and raising you know what on my motorcycles and the rest. But old and very numerous injuries and a neurosurgeon who has turned my spine into a Titanium erector set has taken its toll….I now have days, even weeks that I am unable to even get out of bed, much less walk. SOME nights, I am actually unable to even turn over in bed on my own without help. Pain is my constant companion.

For ME to ever even picture myself on any sort of “walker” was unthinkable. The image alone, not even possible. Well, good luck if you were like myself cuz LIFE HAPPENS! Bought this after another “bad week”. Opened the box, took me 20 minutes to assemble without even looking at the directions. It came with all the parts, nice color directions, LARGE sheets of explanations in every language I know of. I am NOT mechanically inclined but it was just so obvious as to what simply snaps into what that is just didn’t even need directions in my opinion. It is MUCH nicer than I expected, very durable. I am a big guy, 6’2″ and currently 233 pounds. This adjusts to any height I may need and the seat is even durable with my size & weight. My 2 cats (Lucy & Ethel) love to ride with me on the seat and they weigh 20 pounds each.

So, I may have had to begin using a walker on my bad days, but the way I look at it, I am still a rebel with a “pause”. Why? Well the way I look at it, I have a rolling CAT HOUSE now……Not old, and still stirring up trouble.

More storage than I expected. I was expecting a couple basic bags on this but was pleasantly surprised by the outer storage compartments that could hold my cell phone, pen and notebook, etc. within easy reach so I don’t have to go digging. The brakes work well, and I can turn all the way around with the walker without moving. The seat seems comfortable enough for resting.

I do not need a walker all the time but when I need one, I NEED it! This looks like it will more than meet my needs and will be packed along as a “just in case.” I look forward to being able to go out and do more things without worry.

Freedom. Very quick shipment of product. Instructions were simple, well-written and easy to follow, with huge illustrations and clear wording. Walker went together in about 30-45 minutes, and, I’m not the most mechanically inclined. As for using the walker, that’s even better. I have two arthritic hips as well as bad knees, which have kept me from getting much exercise; lack of exercise means a lack of stamina, so, eventually, walking any distance at all not only caused a great deal of pain, but, I’d be exhausted after just a few feet. With the walker, I was, quite frankly, amazed at the difference.
This was for my father. We put it together in less than one hour. He was out in the garden next day at work. He can sit and pick vegetables. The big wheels go over the ground. It was just as shown and works great.
Excellent, I looked at several different walkers and accessories before deciding to purchase my Hugo. I am not disappointed it seems to be everything you said and I am very pleased with it.

I’ve got new wheels and lots of packing space!!!!! This is nice and what a price! It has bigger wheels so I can go over rough land and sit down if I get tired.

It has added a new way of life for me. I can shop, walk on trails through the woods and do so many things I used to do. There is lots of room to pack things in also. Thank you Hugo Elite Rollator Walker.

This is a LIFESTYLE saver!!!! This is about moving on. I am 65, spent my entire life as an RN working in ER’s, taking care of everyone else on the worst day of their life. Eight years ago I became one of those people, and to my horror, not only is my condition here to stay, but I turned into the crankiest patient ever, omg how I detest being NOT the person I know I really am inside… Anyway, after 2nd hip replacement not getting around so great but fall is here and all my fav festivals, antique shows are here. My husband, truly a saint, said, fine, we’ll go to all, ….. As soon as you get something safe, sturdy to walk with AND SOMETHING YOU CAN SIT DOWN whenever you need to rest – otherwise NO!!

Yikes- so did my research, read EVERY review, chose this and I am soo embarrassed to admit – I love it- all features are as described, works great, fab for off road at fairs, etc., and in crowds, I feel like I have a little tank protecting me on 3 sides! I am small so big people can blow me over – ha! Finally I can hold my own, and storage everywhere. I am actually proud of owning this, changed my attitude, so I am standing tall and moving on – please don’t let your ego get in the way – get this and get out there!!!!!

UPDATE, October 3′ 2012: Took my new Rollator on its first BIG OFFROAD TRIP today!! Wow- what a superb invention! Outdoor fair, antique show all off road with NO pavement, rocks, uneven ground. Was quite concerned about how sturdy the wheels, etc. would be. No issues at all, honestly I have never praised a product this highly in public but it is everything people say and more. Larger and wider wheels just the thing, brakes work perfectly, lots of storage and I sit whenever I want! I can tell you I got lots of envious looks from people, Texas, 90 degrees, acres to walk and no place to sit easily – ha!!!! So worth it!!! Very sturdy and completely reliable, just saying…..

Worth The Buy! I had bought this for my mother-in-law and she was really excited to get this. The large wheels and light weight made it really easy for her to get around. The storage bag in front and the extra storage under the seat was really handy. She had also got a lot of compliments for its looks and color. It is definitely a wise buy.
I really like product. It is easy to roll. Brakes work good. Storage is very adequate. Seat is comfortable. Easy storage.
I ordered this for my Father in law and he called to thank me and said that it works very well for him around the house and out on the town ; )
I was recently ‘sentenced’ to 2 months of 20% weight bearing prior to hip surgery, which will be followed with another month of minimal weight bearing post-operatively. I left the surgeon’s office with axillary crutches and I was in so much pain from the crutches after one week, I ordered this Hugo rollator walker as an alternative to crutches. I am 42 years old and am a busy professional so the crutch-dependent life-style wasn’t really congruent with my world. “Hugo” (as it’s been affectionately named by my children) is exactly what I needed and it was worth every penny. The walker is sturdy and adjusts low enough to allow me to use it to off-load all of my weight from my injured leg. I am only 5 feet tall, so I was concerned about this. The seat is comfortable and the storage under the seat is very handy…. ‘Hugo’ has been a lifesaver and has spared me from spending three months hobbling around on crutches!
Ready to roll with Hugo. After reading many online reviews, my impression was that Hugo customers were quite satisfied especially those who had used other brands. So we ordered thru Amazon. It arrived in short order & was a breeze to assemble. Hugo constantly updates their rollators. With a little practice it quickly folds or unfolds & locks in place. We’ve used it several months & find it really easy to bungee-cord in place in my PT Cruiser. I see no negatives to this rollator.
Very good quality and fair price. I hate that I had to buy my mom a walker–it’s hard to see your mom getting old. But if I had to do so, buying this was as pleasant as such an activity could be: This one is high quality and at a far lower price than could have been bought locally. And with me living 3,000 miles away from my mom, how wonderful that I could buy it on Amazon. This Hugo or any of the similar Hugos are worth taking a good look at.
My wife loves it. My wife ordered this and she loves the way it handles. It is built better than most of the other ones out there. Easy to set up.
Operates easily and was easy to assemble. I spent quite a bit of time comparing all the walkers available and decided the Hugo was the best value for my money and was dependable and sturdy.

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Hugo Explore

Read what our customers are saying about the Explore rollator

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Very solid walker. Product assembly involves attaching the backrest with two bolts (tools provided), inserting the two handle bars into the frame with two locking “wing” bolts, and sliding the basket into the mounts. Takes less than 5 minutes for the first time. The unit itself is very solid, with a wide stance. I read reviews of other walkers collapsing under load. There is no way this walker is going to collapse unless it is by sheer overload of weight above the 300 pound rating. The seat is very comfortable, and the flexible back rest is very comfortable, but also optional. You can comfortably sit on the seat without the backrest attached if desired. The wheels are wider than you imagine looking at the picture making the unit very stable over rough terrain. The product is also nicely finished.
Excellent walker very strong, easy to use , wheels go over rough the yard and snow great!

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Hugo Ultra Grip Cane Tip

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo Ultra-Grip Tip

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The very best cane tips. The usual narrower hard rubber cane tips can’t even begin to compare with these Hugo cane tips. I’ve been using them for several months, and I’ve found that the extra cushion and flexibility of the softer rubber and the wide bell shape make all the difference in my comfort and stability (especially in wet weather and/or if I have to be on my feet for very long). I have replaced the tips on all of my canes with Hugo, regardless of whether the black goes with the color of the cane or not (such things usually matter to me, but not this time…they are just that good).
This tip is a great replacement for the Hugo canes and will probably fit most other canes of the proper diameter… I bought this for my father, so it’s hard for me to review in detail. However, I did read reviews for the other tips out there and had seriously considered the whole range of stable tips, like the “tripod” design”. This appears to provide stability without much danger of bad placement, like the wider designs with highly splayed footprints. It’s not the most cost-efficient option available, but the safety of a loved one is priceless.
Essential for canes. These grips are a great help to anyone using a cane regularly. They are sturdy and grip slick floors consistently.
Great cane tip. This is the best cane tip I’ve found. Others we’ve tried wear out and slip very quickly. This one grips GOOD!
If you use a cane you NEED these tips!! I purchased 3 of these tips (1 per pkg) to replace the original tips on my cute, colorful offset Nova Canes. The original tips had started breaking down and losing little chunks of rubber immediately, even on my indoor-only cane. I was constantly finding bits of black rubber on the carpet. Eventually they wore out and I started searching for tips that would have better grip.

Based on the excellent reviews I decided to try these- they are FABULOUS and have exceeded my expectations in every way! The grip is better and I feel much more secure with this tip, especially on wet pavement outdoors. I have been using all 3 canes daily for a few months now and none of the tips has lost ANY rubber. The flat bottom makes them easy to clean which is a bonus. They have not left any black marks on my laminate floors. These tips are FAR SUPERIOR to the tips that came on my canes; when I purchase new canes in the future I will swap out the tips for one of these before I start using the cane.

Best Can Tip Ever. I always replace my cane tips with this Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip with Bell Design. So if it fits the kind of cane you use I highly recommend this one. I believe I have tried them all for canes and crutches. This tip doesn’t work for most crutches but for most canes it does fit. It really grips better and last as long as most other tips. No cane tip will last long if you walk it gravel very much, but if you walk on most surfaces this tip will last a long time and give you a sure grip!

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Hugo Derby Cane

Read what our customers are saying about the ergonomic Hugo Derby cane

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Cane has very comfortable handle. My husband uses a cane for longer walks and finds this handle to be the most comfortable he’s tried. The bottom tip helps with stability also.
Very sturdy cane, Bought this cane for my husband and he thinks it is great. Very adjustable and handle is so comfortable to use for extended periods. Great value for a nice cane.
This replaced an older aluminum cane with a rounder handle. The Derby style handle is much more comfortable in hand, and the Hugo is padded well. It feels like it wants to stay in my hand, and does not wear out my grip, which is certainly not what it used to be. This cane is much lighter than the previous one. I don’t know how that’s done, but it is much easier to move around (blocking doors and catching you when you stumble), yet is very strong. I’ve come to trust it. (Plus, I like the flashy color (aquamarine). More people make way and waiters are less likely to trip over it, even if I try.) A great cane. Highly recommended.
I purchased this cane for my mother and she is very pleased with it. It is very well made, sturdy, and a nice color too (pink). The hand grip is very comfortable for her and she likes the hand strap as well. The height of the cane is also easily adjusted.
The Hugo cane is very nice in all aspects. I first bought the ‘smoke’ color and liked it so well I bought a second in ‘aquamarine’ color. The cane has a soft handle that is cushy to lean on. No hard plastic or wood with this cane. At first I thought I might not like the strap hanging from the handle but it does not bother me at all. There is a 1″ reflective label at the top of the strap and is attached via a ring that can be removed from the handle. The cane arrived with a tight plastic wrapping protecting the body of the cane from scratches. There was also a little instruction pamphlet about how to adjust the length and how to know which length is correct. Also, as a heavy person, I’m glad to see a high weight tolerance. After 6 weeks of use I have found no downside to this cane.
For me this is the perfect cane. I’m 6 FT and weigh 295 and the cane is just perfect. Highly adjustable. Some of the adjustable canes are noisy and have slippery grips. This one makes no noise and the handle has excellent grip. Extremely sturdy and well made. Much better than other canes I purchased for 50 dollars and more. I’m very pleasantly surprised.
Hugo makes quality products. I am so pleased with my new cane, arrived on time, well packaged, great price and product, thanks.
I blew my knee and hip and ankle out, but refuse to sit around. I bought this cane so I could move and walk, I weigh 225 pounds and 6-1 tall, I was putting all my weight on it for months, leg is somewhat better, but still using it daily, I am very pleased with this cane, thank you.
This cane has a very comfortable handle, multiple height adjustments and a large cup on the end for stability when walking. All that and it is light in weight but supports up to 300 pounds. It was a great price and I got it one day sooner than the ad said I would.

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Hugo Folding Cane

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Great product!! this is exactly what i’ve been needing the tip is great support, i’m a lefty so the left hand grip is just wonderful on top of the fact that it helps my hand from hurting. The entire product is well made. All the nifty details are very appreciated.
Great for Travelling, I don’t use a cane on a regular basis but have felt the need for one when travelling. Walking on unfamiliar, uneven ground and standing for long periods of time have proven challenging. This cane is perfect for travelling. It is of good quality, is very sturdy and folds perfectly for packing. I am very pleased with it.
Father-in-law loves it!, My FIL had a stroke a few years ago, and needs a cane to get around. It came with a left and right handed grip, which he loves because he says it is more comfortable because it is contoured.
Simple and sophisticated, Ok, a folding cane seems pretty simple, but to my surprise this one has a lot going for it. First, the price is as good or better than just about anything else, but that isn’t what compelled me to write this review. It was the well-thought-out design and overall package which impressed me… it has a carrying case and storage system that makes sense, and it safely supports a big guy like me. Even the wristband (which I thought was unnecessary at first) is appropriate and most useful.

I don’t use a cane all of the time; it goes with me when I travel on business and in case my knees give out in some hotel or airport somewhere. I take it out of my briefcase, and I can walk safely and securely. I like it so much, that I bought a second one to keep in the car. Darn good product…

Convenient, This cane is compact, fitting nicely into a carryon. It’s also easy to adjust and has an ease-of-use factor.
Hugo cane is an excellent buy. I really enjoy the quality and usability of the Hugo cane. I am a tall and heavy person so it is important that the cane be adjustable to my height and provide sufficient support for my weight. The hugo cane does this better than any other cane I tried out. I highly recommend it to those needing a cane.
This is an excellent cane – well-built, solid, adjustable, foldable, attractive. It is the second one I have purchased.
It’s just what I needed! This cane brought me the assistance and convenience I needed. It’s very strong (I’m not very little), convenient (folds up if you want it too), and subtle (my pride doesn’t want me to make a big deal of walking with a cane. It suits me well.
Hugo Folding Cane a Fantastic Value, Being a large man, I was concerned I would not find an inexpensive, “heavy duty” folding cane to support my weight.

The Hugo Premium Folding Cane, as advertised, seemed to fit the bill. However, for the low price I paid, I did not expect much.

When the Hugo Cane arrived, I couldn’t wait to get it out of the package. It was very light, I did not believe it would support 350 pounds. Once I unfolded the cane and set the height adjustment, it was time to test it out.

I was very impressed! Trust me, I believe this cane would support well over 500 pounds!

If you need a heavyweight adjustable cane that won’t break the bank, look no further. The Hugo Adjustable Walking Cane is a fantastic value!!

Mom Loves it… My mother recently had a CVA (stroke) and had a great deal of trouble walking on her own. I started browsing online to get the prices of sturdy, foldable, fashionable canes for my mother. Since mom is very active in the community, and I wanted something that would transport easily, be lightweight and still accessorize her attire. After getting info on a multitude of choices, I decided on the HUGO folding cane. I mailed the cane to my mother, and I think she finally found something that replaces my father in her heart (lol). She absolutely loves this cane!!! Thanks for all the great reviews before mine- they directed me to a product that enables my mother to have her independence back (with style).
This cane is absolutely brilliant. For the last two and a half years, I have been suffering from a spinal injury that prevents me exercising. Indeed, I even have trouble just getting up and walking from place to place. Until recently, I was using an old oak cane to help me get around, but it was in a bad way and I seriously needed a replacement.

The HUGO Folding Cane was a Christmas gift, and it is probably the most practicable, most appreciated gift I’ve ever been given. It comes with easy to understand instructions, is easy to operate and maintain, and the height settings are just about perfect for a guy my height and my size (I stand six foot tall, and due to inactivity have put on quite a bit of weight).

The booklet says that it can handle people who stand up to 6’5″ and weigh up to 550lbs. I believe it. This cane is quite sturdy, and I would suggest it to anyone who needs assistance just getting around.

Love this cane!!! At first I was a bit leery of a cane that folds down. But this one changed my feelings about that. It’s sturdy, comfortable and convenient. Being adjustable works out great too because it can be adjusted to either myself or my husbands height. And folds down into a nice compact size when not in use. I highly recommend this cane.
Well pleased, My Hugo folding cane is excellent. It is sturdy and provides wonderful support, and, it is very good looking.
This cane delivers exactly what the manufacturer promises. It is sturdier than most folding canes and comes with a pouch and elastic strap for storage. While the pouch is really only good for long-term storage, the elastic strap comes in handy for out-and-about walks for occasional stops. This is especially true for restaurants and puts an end to the ‘flop-around-get-in-the-way’ cane syndrome we are all unfortunately used to. The height is easy to adjust and it is also easy to break-down and put back together.
GREAT, wonderful, Looks good, light weight, and expands to what a 6’2″ guy needs.

FANTASTIC!!! Folds up easily to transport in the car or to have in a store.


Sturdy, Practical Folding Cane by Hugo, I’ve been looking for a folding cane to take on a trip to Europe. I don’t need a cane all the time but I know that my trip will require a lot of walking and at the end of the day I will need support to move. I looked at several folding canes and decided Hugo had the best reputation, plus it’s designed to support a lot of weight. I’m rather self conscious about using a cane. I feel awkward when I use one but there are time I definitely need one. I wasn’t sure if I wanted this black one or the silver one with a slightly different handle. My husband said the black look looked less like an old lady cane. He was right.

I’ve used this cane several times and it is very comfortable to use. The handle is hard but is balanced and hasn’t caused blisters or callouses. The cane feels light weight but gives excellent support. It is easy for me to fold and put away and very quick to get out and snap it in place for use. I don’t feel old and handicapped when I use this cane. The black finish appears classier than silver canes and at times not as noticeable. This isn’t an advantage if you want your cane to also serve as a reflective device, but it suits my needs.

Great Cane, I bought one of these around 3 months ago and haven’t had a single reservation about it since.
Excellelnt, I Bought this Folding cane for my mom for a trip. She loves it! It came in handy the folding style is really smart especially on an airplane.
Great product. If you need a cane that can be packed away easily for travel, but is still a high quality device, this is it!
Good quality, I bought it for my mom. She uses it all the time. It is strong and it can be adjusted to anyone’s height – I recommend it!
Sturdy. I do not need it all the time, but when I do, it is sturdier and more comfortable than a wooden cane.
Replacement Cane, I ordered this to replace my current folding cane. Product is as described on product info page and I like the feel of the handle. My old cane had a plastic handle and at all the joints it wiggled and dust would get in it. The joints of this Hugo cane fit snug and separate quite easy. I would recommend this for anyone.
Got this cane about a week ago, very sturdy and easy to use I need a cane for balance, as a result of spinal surrgery and I always will, cane is very well made.
Best cane money can buy! It is well made, strong and nice looking. It comes with a carrying bag, wrist strap and a second handle (different design from the one which is installed on the cane). I own a silver one currently and I am so impressed by its quality, I bought this black one for my 86 years old dad. He loves it very much. In fact I like this black cane so much, I bought a second one for myself.
Wonderful space saver. I stumbled upon my first hugo cane years ago at Sam’s club and thru my own stupidity damaged it. I would settle for nothing less than another Hugo, so I ordered 2 this time from Amazon. I love the folding feature which is so handy in cafes and theaters even church.
Excellent, I love it! Very comfortable…specially for traveling. You can carry it in your carry on or even in your purse. You use it when you need it. I am very happy with the purchase.
A quality product .I bought this collapsible cane to take with me in the pocket of my wheelchair and it is ideal ! A strong and durable product that will probably give several years of good service depending upon how often it is used . For me it was for an emergency should my wheelchair breakdown and I’d be forced to try to ‘walk’ for a very short distance – for this purpose it’s a very good buy because it’s a quality product !


Steady as she goes, I recently was hospitalized for 3 weeks and then a month of bedrest at home. I needed some assistance and bought this cane to help steady my gait. It has done the job well and I like the fact that I can fold it away when not in use.
This cane was a life saver. Took on 3 week tour of Italy and could not have walked as far as I did without it. Easy to adjust to height. I am 6’2″ and need to extend it a bit. Light and very strong.
Sturdy and convenient, Purchased this cane for husband to take on trip overseas. Collapsed, it fit in his carryon bag. After several days of walking on cobblestone streets, it came in handy. It is easy to assemble, all parts are attached…all you need to do is stretch them out and snap them together. The cane is adjustable for height, good looking, and sturdy. Glad we had it.
The Hugo folding cane is a quality product. Looked at folding canes in a big box drugstore chain and thought they were made very poorly. The Hugo fits together snugly and is sturdy. It even has a Rugged carrying pouch.
Best product ever because it is light weight, non-voluminous, and the hand grip is comfortable and durable. Plus, it folds!

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Hugo QuadPod Offset Cane

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo QuadPod offset cane

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Truly Innovative Cane. To begin with, the cane comes fully assembled. The “quad pod” that is the foot, can be changed to a different position based on need. There was no need for us to change it. It’s a simple thing to do if you need to.

My husband had back surgery & with this cane he was able to get off the walker earlier. There is NO WAY he would have used a huge footed cane… you know the steel granny four legged cane. Not in public anyway. The physical therapists loved it. It got passed around while he was using a machine during therapy. I really think it’s the next great thing!

I love the cane far more than my husband’s wood one since it is lighter and the handle is great on my arthritic hands.
I purchased this cane for my mother who needs a quad cane. She resisted the benefit of a quad cane because of her fashion sense. She wants to be active but does not want to advertise her disability. This cane presented as a fashionable and functional alternative to the classic quad cane.
Great cane! I’ve had this cane for almost a year now. I was recovering from a knee injury and having problems getting around, especially on stairs, and I was having a problem finding a cane that felt stable, without looking like I had just come from the nursing home. But after receiving this, I never worried about its stability while in use… I also have arthritis and the handle on this has never caused me a problem. I no longer have to use this daily, but it still sees some use on my not so mobile days.
I had been told I needed this by my daughter because my regular cane was not doing a lot for the stability issue, just the support issue. I had seen it advertised and was hesitant but desperate. Crossing my fingers I ordered it and have not regretted it yet! It does stand by itself (a definite plus) but the stability issue while hurrying along is a big plus. Best decision I have been prodded to make in a very long time!
Sure and steady. My father had a stroke many years ago and a standard cane was not providing enough stability. He did not want to use one of the big oversized four prong canes. This product fit the bill perfectly. He loves it and now has abandoned his smaller tip cane. The Hugo cane stands well on its own and has 4 contact points instead of one. I am very pleased with the switch, especially during the winter months.
I brought this cane for my mother. She wanted a stable cane that can stand independently. I’ve done some research and found this cane. The base is more compact than traditional quad base, and the base is one piece instead of 4 legs. This helps her on the stairs also, and she feels more stable and secure. She has been using this cane for a few weeks now, and she loves it. A few people told her that she has a nice cane. Not too many people have seen this cane before. We like the color; they called this smoke color, and it looks even better than the photo…

My mother had a cane before this, and she usually place it next to the wall or chair, but the cane kept on falling to the floor. This cane is so much better. She told me that this cane is much more stable and she feels more secure using this cane when she walks. The cane looks and feels sturdy and made of high quality material. The cushion top handle is a very good design and she feels very comfortable. I highly recommend this product.

I got one of these last January for myself after having some major back surgery. I’d found the single point cane I’d been using for a while to be a bit awkward when standing and walking in that I had to angle it outwards at time to keep my balance. The splay foot design of this one allows you to put your weight straight on it and remain steady. I bought one for my 90 year old father after seeing him going through the same troubles I had with the single point type. He tried it out and announced that he thought it was great.

The best thing about this one is that unlike the four footed ones that you can get from medical supply houses, this one seems to have been designed by a person that actually looked at the usage of it, instead of some doctor that thought he/she was an engineer. The result is that this one won’t whack you in the ankle with a hard metal bar half the time.

Stability plus! I really rely on the stability of this cane. Likewise, my orthopedic doctor was very impressed when he checked it out on my last appointment with him. I highly recommend it to anyone with balance problems.
Best cane ever! This cane is absolutely perfect….. it has the sturdy base, without those crazy claw feet that can catch on things. The color choices are very fun too!
I Love My Quadpod Canes! I now have 2 of these canes. I keep one in my van, & use the other in the house. Due to a severe back disorder, I often need a mobility aid. I have a rollator walker that I use for long distance walking, & a couple of offset single tip canes. I never felt very supported or secure with the single tip canes, so I would always use my rollator if I wasn’t able to get a shopping cart to assist me. On occasion, we’d go off & forget my walker, so I’d end up pushing my granddaughter’s stroller, or just not go to the place where I couldn’t get a shopping cart, like the mall. Now I keep one of my new quadpod canes in my van, so I’m always prepared!
The quadpod cane is so stable & supportive! I hated my single tip cane, but I’d use it if my rollator wasn’t available, or if the store was really small with narrow aisles, but I just never felt supported enough. Not anymore with my quadpod cane! In fact there are times now when I’d have used my rollator in the past, but I now use my quadpod cane. I had tried out a regular quad cane in the store, & while I liked the stability, I didn’t like the look of the cane. It’s been hard enough using these devices since I was 36 yrs old, that I didn’t want to have to use something that you usually see an elderly stroke victim using.

I’m not a little lightweight person either, but my cane has been able to hold me up several times when my leg buckled while I was walking. I’ve never felt like this cane isn’t substantial enough for me either. It’s light in weight, but feels as if you’re leaning on something big & solid. My canes came preassembled, with wrapping around the shaft, & inside a plastic bag. There are 12 height settings. It’s so easy to adjust the height too! Just unscrew the little collar at the base of the cane, push in the button, & raise or lower the cane shaft to your preferred setting. Then screw the collar closed. The cane has a nice comfortable handle with a strap hanging from it which has a reflective strip on it.

I don’t know what more can be said about the cane other than to give it a try! I’ve never had the quadpod come off, it’s on there very securely. I have accidentally kicked it! It didn’t hurt like the quad cane would have because the quadpod’s base is made out of a hard rubbery type material… It’s nice to be able to set the cane beside you, let go, & not have it crash to the ground either!

I have tested my cane on a number of different walking surfaces from carpeting to cement, & yesterday in soft wet soil at a cemetery, and it’s done well at all places. In the wet soil, I thought I’d have to clean out the bottom, but there was nothing to clean out!

So if you’re looking at this cane, try it! You won’t regret it! I predict you’ll come to love yours just as much as I love mine! Oh, & be sure to put your name on it in permanent marker or it may just come up missing since it’s such an awesome cane!! :o)

Excellent item, should be available in the uk! I have been using walking sticks for over 25 years and have suffered the same problems as many people with sticks – lack of balance. You place the stick on a stone, or uneven ground, and it falls away. A quad gives better balance but it is heavy and people trip over it as they never look down! This cane gives good balance without being unwieldy, and as I prefer swan neck canes, it’s perfect for my needs. It is a very pleasing colour and has been admired by many. It can even stand up by itself. The price is reasonable considering I have paid more for a standard cane with a pretty pattern.
Mom loves it. Bought for my 89 lb, 5′, 83 year old Mother. She loves the stability, color, grip, and adjustability, she is a very hard woman to please but this cane hit the mark. Would buy again.
I ordered the cane for my sister who was having a difficult time with her cane falling. She had trouble picking it up from the floor and sometimes had to call for help. With the new cane, the problem is solved and she is very pleased with it.
I highly recommend the Hugo Mobility Quadpod Cane! This cane is the best cane that I have ever used and I own 8 canes! The handle is shaped to your palm and it is heavily padded, and the quadpod itself, is adorable! It balances well and hugs the ground. And the little Angel even stands up on its own…what more could you ask for? A low price you say…well, you get that too, it is very, very, affordable! BUYBack to the top

Hugo QuadPod Ultra Stable Cane Tip

Read what our customers have to say about our QuadPod cane tip

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This cane tip is fantastic! I am new to using canes, have only had one for less than a month…after having it fall over every time I tried to prop it up somewhere, I knew I needed a cane tip that would allow me to stand my cane up just about anywhere. I decided on this one, it was far cheaper than some of the other versions. It was incredibly easy to put on the tip of my cane, it works great, and it isn’t as obvious as some of the bigger, bulkier tips. I’ve even gotten some comments about how “cool” it looks.
Great product…Just what I needed. Love the Hugo Quadpod Ultra! No more finding a place to prop my cane, it stands on its own! But the best thing about the Quadpod is how much more stable I feel when walking, especially on uneven ground. Great product!
Wonderful for mobility. This cane tip is not only a wonderful stabilizer, but is very durable and secure. Many people stop and ask where I found it and I am always happy to refer them to the Amazon/Hugo website. It is so much more stable than one’s used previously. Thanks for making such a fantastic product available.
Great product! Gives the stability needed to walk with confidence. Even my physical therapist likes it. She wants to recommend it to her clients.
Works well even on a carpet! I attached this to a black metal cane that I bought here and it looks great and works nicely! I was surprised to see my cane stand upright with the quadpod on a carpet! Also, it’s secured with a metal bolt (it goes inside a hollow cane) so it won’t loosen up with time. I also have a Hugo folding cane that I bought this for…the cane has an elastic cord inside. This Hugo quadpod won’t easily go on this folding cane because the elastic cord is tied to it’s stopper. I wound up having to buy a cane as well as this quadpod.
Mom Loves it. a definite improvement over 4 aluminum leg type. My mother has been using the cane tip for that last month and loves it. She says it helps with stability when walking as the “geco like foot” improves grip and wants to bring the cane to vertical. There are four round “gripper” pads (one per corner) on the underside, while the body is made of rubber that flexes. I tried it out myself and I understand why she likes it so much. Basically it is a running shoe for your cane. If one corner lands first, that side will flex and cause the cane to want to self center. She also love the fact that her cane is now self standing, so no more finding something to lean it against.

Another feature she likes is the smaller size makes it easier to get in and out of her car, and compared to the 4 legged aluminum type like the old man in “UP” uses”) there are no protrusions to catch on something Or trip her up. 5 star rating. If someone you love uses a cane. Make this your Christmas present to them.

Top drawer tip. Excellent design and construction. Tip slips onto end of cane and one then tightens an expanding screw which secures it to the cane. Stands alone just like its says. Be sure your cane is 3/4 inch diameter.
Much stability. I purchased this for a friend who has Lupus and has become a little unsteady when walking. SHE LOVES IT!! Great product. Thank you.
LOVE IT! This little addition to my cane is amazing! It stands the cane up when I am not using it and if I drop the cane or it falls over, I just step on the QuadPod and the cane is upright again! It makes the cane much more stable in gravel and on uneven surfaces. I LOVE IT!! I recommend it to anyone who uses a cane.
GREAT product! I have cerebral palsy, but am incredibly active, so I was frustrated to go through a cane tip in 2 days. I started doing research about a better choice and I found the QuadPod. I feel so much more stable walking with this tip on my cane and it is durable and great on multiple terrains. I highly recommend this to anyone using a cane!
Highly recommended. Bought for my mother, who was frequently dropping her cane that didn’t have a nice foot on it like this provides. Also, by being able to stand her cane up wherever she’d like rather than lean it against something, she doesn’t end up leaving it in another room and not having it when she gets wobbly and needs the extra support.
Quad pod Meow cane. I wanted to buy the Meow Cane but need a quad cane. The Quad Pod solved all my problems!! I bought both & couldn’t be happier. the Quad Pod keeps me very stable, I feel more secure with the Quad Pod being it’s on the ground, my old quad cane is raised & I sometimes would lose my balance & fall. Another thing is, it is much lighter to carry. This is an all around win-win situation! Thank You very much for freeing me!
Provides great stability. My mom recently had surgery and needed assistance walking. The Hugo Mobility Quadpod gave the cane great stability. I purchased this for an Ez2care Classic Soft Handle Cane. Both the cane and the Quadpod are incredibly light. If you’re looking for stability, this is a great product. Highly recommend.
Excellent product. I bought this little adaptor and it is great! Gives more stability while walking and keeps my cane upright in most instances. It also has a good gripping surface. Unobtrusive style, nice look to it. Very happy with it!
It’s a Pleasure! I have had this cane tip for several years. People notice it and remark that they “should have one”. So I am now buying them for gifts. I like that this tip is lightweight (unlike the four point cane) and still gives good stability. I love taking it with me into the garden where it stands by me (usually) staying visible and convenient.
Great tip for your cane. this has made my cane much more stable. it will stand by itself on foor, rug etc. i’ve been used to a tri-pod tip and i liked that the tri-pod would bend somewhat when walking. this doesn’t; it is stiff and gives a feeing of more support. it is nicer than a quad prong cane having all the plusses without being so large. i am very pleased and would highy reccomend it. as a stroke survivor i still need that support. i’m hoping it will works well in winter- the northeast. one-handednan
Works great, it is a lot more stabile than without it, and the cane stands up on it’s own. Easier and quicker to grab. I have a better sense of potholes, curbs and uneven pavement with this product. Much lighter than the medical version quad canes that they charge $60.00 for.
Perfect! This gadget has helped my mom to keep her cane handy and has also provided more stability as she uses it. Definitely worth it!

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Hugo Quad Cane

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo Quad cane

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This is a very sturdy, heavy cane with a nicely cushioned handle which is very comfortable. I have been using a walker for the past few years so using a cane is a big step (no pun intended) both mentally as well as physically. The best thing about this cane is that it never wobbles so I feel very secure.
I purchased this cane for my husband and he likes its style. He especially likes the ergonomic handle and the way it can be adjusted to be used for either the right or left hand. We would both recommend this cane to anyone who had the need for a large base quad cane. It is without a doubt a very good cane!
Great cane. I purchased this cane after using a conventional cane for a few years. As my condition grew progressively worse, it became evident that a standard cane lacked the stability I needed. A walker was a logical option, but it would be difficult to use in my current surroundings.

I specifically chose this “K” style quad cane, because I needed added stability when climbing steps. It also helps when my leg suddenly decides not to support my weight. Mind you, this is not a suitable replacement for a walker. It is, however, very stable and provides the needed support where a standard cane does not. I would recommend this cane to anyone who needs added stabilization, but is either not inclined or needs to use a walker at this time.

Excellent cane with sturdy construction. I purchased the cane for my mother, and she loved it. The height adjustability and ergonomic grip were perfect for her, as was the larger quad feet. The price was great as well.
Everything I wanted. This is my first cane. For now, it is primarily for confidence. However, though not heavy, it will serve as a necessity if needed as it is very strong. The handle or grip is comfortable and shows thought in design. The four feet on the base offer a very secure feeling, but do not extend far enough to be in the way. It will stand on its own, too. No need to find a place to hang or prop it. Yet, there is a wrist band to prevent me from walking off and leaving it. And, finally, the length adjustment is outstanding in number of adjustment points and a lock position when finished. I should also mention that I selected it by relying solely on the “narrow your choices” resource on the left of the page. Thank you.
This quad walking cane is being used by my husband as he recovers from surgery to repair a hip fracture. It is excellent and has given him mobility better than a walker.
Great Cane. It is adjustable and very sturdy. Luckily, I only needed to use it for a short while so the inexpensive price was perfect for my needs.
With your HUGO cane YOU GO wherever you want to go! This purchase in October 2012 has proven to be a great mobility aid for my father who just recently turned 90.

It’s also a real nifty and convenient feature that this type of cane stands up easily on its own. No more loud noises caused by falling canes left resting – improperly balanced – against a wall! A handy integrated wrist strap is also included; this is usually an optional accessory that needs to be purchased separately with other canes.

The HUGO Quad Cane with its four-legged base provides a much greater degree of stability and support than the conventional/traditional DuroMed cane he had been using before, but not quite as much as a rolling walker which he also has, but is somewhat reluctant to use consistently.

My father definitely prefers canes in general and certainly for a walking aid to provide any benefit whatsoever the first requirement is that it must be used. Better an extremely sturdy and stable cane such as this (300 lb capacity) that gets used frequently rather than a walker that doesn’t.

The length of this cane is readily adjustable (11 easy-click settings available) and the cocoa color is also quite nice, better than the drabness of a black cane which for men is really the only other available color worth considering as an alternative.

We’ll leave the bright pink color that’s also available for the ladies, or those daring members of the male sex who are much more adventurous than my father happens to be.

Be sure that the legs spaced further apart at the base of the cane face away from the body; adjust as needed depending on which hand will be holding the cane. The cane we received arrived ready for right-handed use right out of the box (an extremely large box by the way – packaging overkill).

So be sure and get your HUGO soon and – once you do – get going, while the going is still good!

Thrilled with this item. I am only 34 and after a surgery I wanted a cane that was as stylish as possible! This is a great cane both in function and it is the best as far as fashion as you will find. It is a darker rosey pink that the picture makes it out to be. The picture makes it out to look a bit pale and washed out and it is more pronounced than that. The handle is nice and comfortable. I weigh about 230 lbs and am 5’4″ and I have always felt like it is supporting me and my weight just fine. I am very pleased with this purchase and would not hesitate to recommend HUGO canes to anyone. I know how daunting it was for me when I started looking never having been in a situation where I had given canes a second glance before… but I was very happy with my choice and you will get a great deal on Amazon over any other website out there.
My first quad and what a difference. I finally have the security of balance. Very easy to adjust height and position to right or left hand. Try it, you’ll love it.
My wife is a fashion nut and likes to match everything, including canes. She saw this cane and wanted it. The price was excellent as well as the quality. Happy wife makes husband happy.
Having suffered three falls in less than two months, I needed the security of a cane quickly – Amazon delivered the quick and Hugo the secure! Didn’t want one of the prissy feminine ones, but didn’t want a medical looking one either – this black is perfect for my wants.
Cane was purchased for my personal use. Pretty to look at and its stableness helps me feel secure as I walk.
Good functionality, the cane works perfectly for what it’s supposed to do. It has excellent functionality and the price was right! I would recommend it for anyone needing walking assistance.
The quad cane is much sturdier then a single foot cane, and great for arthritic knees. The handle is flatter and wider for an easy grip for those arthritic hands as well, and It has an adjustible height to suit most everyone.
Great Product. This is a great cane to have on hand “just in case.” Although I don’t need a cane all the time, when you need one, you probably need it NOW. On one occasion I sprained my ankle; another time I injured my knee. The fact that it adjusts for use on the right or left side is a big plus. The handle is very comfortable–also a big plus. Add to that the adjustable height and sturdy construction and you have a winner!
This is an excellent product. I received the shipment the next day and the cane was properly packaged and looked great. The cane is very well constructed and mine came set up for use by a right-handed person. I had broken both the bones (Tibia and Fibula) in my leg a few months ago and I still need support to get around by myself, especially up and down the stairs. This cane is just what I needed to give me back my independence. I use this cane every day and ended up ordering a second one (the pink color) to match my purse and for outside use. Once again, I received the shipment the next day and product was of good quality.
Great Cane! This is a very strong, well made cane. Easily adjustable height and a sturdy base. Well worth the Amazon price. I highly recommend it!
Mom loves it. This turned out to be a great purchase for my Mom. She “wasn’t old enough” for it but it has sure helped her aching hip and she uses it all the time.

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Hugo TranSport Chair

Read what our customers are saying about the Hugo TranSport

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I brought it for my grandma. Grandma can walk but not too far so I got this for her and she has been happy ever since with this product.