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Hugo Snow Paws


Hugo Snow Paws are safe non-slip snow and ice grippers that fit all footwear and secure winter walking. Comes with bonus water-resistant carry bag. One Size.

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Product Description

Winter footwear for safer walking on ice and snow

On the go? These non-slip snow and ice paws quickly adapt any type of footwear for secure winter walking! When you’re back indoors, simply slip them in the bonus water-resistant carry pouch — so compact it fits in pockets and purses. Whatever your daily adventure, make the most of winter with Hugo!

  • One Size, Item: 737-182
  • Bonus water-resistant pouch for easy storage!
  • Quick fitting and compact
  • Snow Paws™ quickly fit onto any
    type of footwear, including heels
  • Hugo® Snow Paws™ on boots

    Hugo® Snow Paws™ on boots

  • Specially designed non-slip studs offer safer walking on ice and snow in temperatures up to -40°C
  • Ideal for people on the go, public transit users or anybody negotiating a frozen sidewalk
  • Material: Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Snow or Ice Grippers for Shoes or Boots


  • While seated, fasten the Snow Paws™ to your footwear as illustrated and adjust. They should be snug in order to stay in place
  • Prevent undue wear by only using your Snow Paws on snow or ice

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