Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip

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  • Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip

Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip


Hugo Ultra-Grip Shock Absorbing Cane Tip provides fluid surface contact and a superior grip while absorbing impact shock. Fits most aluminum canes.

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Product Description

Shock absorbing tip with Ultra-Grip Edge™

731-001, Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip

731-001, Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip

Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip’s shock absorbing Ultra-Grip Edge™ provides fluid surface contact over all varieties of terrain.

From the sidewalks of spring to the foliage of fall and every place in between, you’ll be able to go anywhere you want to go!

  • Black, 3/4 in, #18, Item no: 731-001
  • Fits most aluminum canes
  • Fluid surface contact
  • Superior grip
  • Absorbs impact shock


The very best cane tips. The usual narrower hard rubber cane tips can’t even begin to compare with these Hugo cane tips. I’ve been using them for several months, and I’ve found that the extra cushion and flexibility of the softer rubber and the wide bell shape make all the difference in my comfort and stability (especially in wet weather and/or if I have to be on my feet for very long). I have replaced the tips on all of my canes with Hugo, regardless of whether the black goes with the color of the cane or not (such things usually matter to me, but not this time…they are just that good).
This tip is a great replacement for the Hugo canes and will probably fit most other canes of the proper diameter… I bought this for my father, so it’s hard for me to review in detail. However, I did read reviews for the other tips out there and had seriously considered the whole range of stable tips, like the “tripod” design”. This appears to provide stability without much danger of bad placement, like the wider designs with highly splayed footprints. It’s not the most cost-efficient option available, but the safety of a loved one is priceless.
Essential for canes. These grips are a great help to anyone using a cane regularly. They are sturdy and grip slick floors consistently.
Great cane tip. This is the best cane tip I’ve found. Others we’ve tried wear out and slip very quickly. This one grips GOOD!
Best Can Tip Ever. I always replace my cane tips with this Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip with Bell Design. So if it fits the kind of cane you use I highly recommend this one. I believe I have tried them all for canes and crutches. This tip doesn’t work for most crutches but for most canes it does fit. It really grips better and last as long as most other tips. No cane tip will last long if you walk it gravel very much, but if you walk on most surfaces this tip will last a long time and give you a sure grip!

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