I have spinal complications that make walking really difficult, as sometimes I lose sensation in my legs and end up falling flat on my face. With your Hugo Rolling Walker with seat, I have confidence and relief knowing when my back starts to feel tingly, I can immediately sit and wait till sensation returns before I get up to walk again. Your Rolling Walker with Seat is a God Send. Mahalo and Aloha.”
D.G., Honolulu, HI

I refuse to ‘vegetate’ and am happy to have my Hugo® Walker for being outdoors. I do get tired and do appreciate the seat!”
D.S., Makinen, MN

We LOVE your product! Designing a walker that incorporates a stool was ingenious and, lacking in the marketplace for a long time. This walker will greatly improve my father’s and, I’m sure many others, quality of life! It also improved my quality of life, as now I feel better about my Dad being home alone during the day.I truly believe your ‘Hugo’ will prevent a great deal of falls and accidents.”
J.M., Horsham, PA

This 92 year old is so happy with her ‘rolling walker’. I call it the Cadillac, and I’m out in it every day and can even leave the building and walk to a Kroger’s for groceries and even to get my prescriptions filled without help. Lost the sight of my left eye to glaucoma and my right hip — arthritis and sciatica at times. I still walk independently as my walker gives me the confidence I need.”
M.M., Virginia Beach, VA

Hugo® is GREAT. It is an excellent, well-built and excellent quality and reasonably priced. I have a rare disorder that has affected my walking for long distances so when I went anyplace I had to return in about 10 minutes time. No more! Hugo® helps me go where I haven’t been in 8 years and it has given me ‘HOPE’ that I will now be able to walk once again. I love everything about Hugo® — the brakes, the seat for resting and the storage compartment and the ease of folding it. Can’t forget how you can adjust the handles. I would recommend Hugo® Rolling Walker to friends and strangers (I have already).”
D.R., Balto, MD

This is the Cadillac of walkers”
K.N., Waukesha, WI

The walker is exceptional in use, the quality of the product and the ease of putting it together. I shall tell one and all!”
N.D., Flagstaff, AZ

I love my Hugo! It lets me go places and do things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to. With it, I feel almost normal.”
C.H., Warrenville, IL

This Hugo® has given me part of my life back.”
L.W., Saugus, CA

Love, love, love this Hugo” rolling walker. Purchased different rolling walker last year — doesn’t compare to my Hugo!
C.A., Haverhill, MA

It’s wonderful to be able to rest at my leisure and walk when I please!”
M.H., Calhoun, GA

I am so proud of my Hugo® rolling walker. Now, I can go places I haven’t been in two years.”
M.B., Farmington, AR

Good product! I am 79 and still ride motorcycle. I have edema in feet which makes me take careful steps. I do not need walker for support, but to know that I can take longer and faster steps for cardio vascular exercise. Much better than shopping cart! I have had it for 2 days and love it! When ladies look twice, I break from it and dance a little free-style jig! Just to show that I don’t need it.
L.S., Email

I love my Hugo® so much! I have a bad hip, and with the Hugo® I have so much more mobility. So many people stop me in the grocery store and when I visit nursing homes. They are so impressed with the Hugo® and want to know more about it. Quite often it’s the sons and daughters of those who are still schlepping along with those dull metal walkers with two wheels on the front who wish to upgrade to something better for their parent. Thank you so much for making this product available to people. It’s a miracle!”
B.H., Warwick, RI

I am 57 and have knee, shoulder and hand problems. A regular walker with wheels still puts strain on every part of your body. I decided to give the Hugo® a try. It took about 5 minutes to put together with your very nice directions. It is such a joy to use, makes you feel very secure. Tomorrow will be my first use folding it and using it in the car. I am sure it will be wonderful. Thank you so much for this wonderful product.”
L.D., Stratford, CT

It really works as advertised. I walk normally, being freed from my fear of losing my balance. I hold a better posture now. It actually helps me feel better.”
M.C., Greenbelt, MD

I am so glad that I purchased my Hugo. I can do more walking for exercise and keep my diabetes under control easier.”
R.K., Davie, FL

“Really enjoy being able to go to my backyard and see my flowers in our yard.”
J.T., Springfield, IL

I love this! Thank you! Allows me to stay upright to use while helping with my mobility/balance difficulties.”
L.S., Dansville, NY

The seat with lift up lid and under the seat carry all is the best and most useful of any walker. I have two and like this one best.”
L.J., Sun City West, AZ

Sure did make a difference in learning to walk again.”
C.M., Little Rock, AR

I am able to get out and walk now. It has changed my life! I am so thankful for it.”
J.C., Landrum, SC

Having recently needed a complete spinal reconstructive surgery, Hugo® is the new man in my life! What a help.”
E.V., Ellicott City, MD

I need exercise and this is a great way to get it!”
K.V., Hastings, NY

I had a total knee replacement. The Hugo® allowed me to walk without stopping to lift the walker.”
M.M., Bellbrook, OH