The Party Week

I am slowly starting to feel alive again. While the pain is still pretty tough to cope with, I’m in the groove of getting around the house. This week was pretty difficult as we are still going through a heat wave and I’ve been cooped up in my apartment with no A/C, still working from my bed.

This heat and lack of mobility is definitely taking a toll on the psyche, my ever-fluctuating Gemini moods. And may I add that my energy level is low. This social butterfly’s wings are clipped.

This weekend, a big festival is taking place in the city. Due to my sprained ankle, all of my weekend plans for festivities are cancelled. However, it is Friday night, and my friend is throwing a private, catered, oyster bar, backyard birthday party. I do realize that for my sanity I NEED OUT!!

I decided it would be good to go out and socialize a little at it her birthday. First thought, yuck clothes. I have to admit that being home has had its benefits, in that my new attire consists of minimal and super comfy clothing.

What do I wear that will be schnazzy and accommodate both my air cast and my leg having to be elevated during the party? I must abort the idea of my new mini dress. Shucks because it’s so cute and matches the turquoise of my air cast.

Also a factor to consider is an outfit that will help with the feeling of being so out of shape by not working-out or being active the past couple of weeks.

Perfect, I find the best outfit! The long flowing dress is actually my mom’s designer skirt yet fits and looks great with a thick belt and big gold hoop earrings. It is also great with an “up do” since defusing these curls is a scene all on its own. May I add that I have mastered the defusing hair scenario trick with one leg up resting in the sink! Julie at a party - with Hugo Mobility

The party is a backyard gathering with some of my favorite people: L, Coach, a mentor that I adore and a few other cool peeps. With restricted mobility, I am so comfortable sitting leg up in the new patio sofa that was purchased for this occasion. Oh, by occasion I mean the birthday, not my being a wounded Princess requiring the comforts of luxury. Julie is a Spartan Goddess on the mend - with Hugo Mobility

Side note: I decided not to take painkillers just in case I feel obliged to drink a glass of champagne to toast the birthday girl. This proved to be smart. Two Bombay G&Ts later, I’ve morphed back into a Spartan. Coach is now snuggled up on the sofa examining the ankle and yelling, “Julie, you’re healing like an athlete. Look at that bruising! It’s more yellow than ever. Before you know it, you’ll be walking like a champ.”

As I rise in need to use the bathroom, everyone wants to help. “No, I got this,” I say. I am not quite sure if it’s the G&T or my born-again Spartan talking. I crutch into the house with L by my side and reach the stairs where there is a crowd of people chatting.

Wanting to feel capable, I drop the crutches and climb one step at a time as any un-wounded person would. I hear someone gasp and say, “Wow that’s crazy she’s doing the stairs like nothing!”

I yell back, “That’s right, I heal like a Spartan!” SHOOT! Shooting, searing pain! Big mistake. That moment of cockiness resulted in major pain and I even screwed up the saying. I should have said, “I am a Spartan and I Heal like an Athlete.”

Coach and her encouraging words! I am not sure what’s worse, my pain or the guilt I feel all night and the next day, since L has put so much care into healing my ankle and dealing with my pain-filled expression.

Literally, one stair case forward and five healing steps back. Back in bed, back to painkillers, and back 5 days of healing and tending to an even more swollen ankle.

Lessons Learned The Hard Way

Learning lesson 1: When it comes to needing help, take the help!
Learning lesson 2: Don’t be a big shot climbing stairs, people think you’re crazy not brave.
Learning lesson 3: Don’t care what people think

Allowing me to heal, being away from the office, and taking help when needed are so important in the journey to recovery. But still all I want to know is “can I walk yet?!” and sadly I realize, clearly not.

Follow the recovery antics of Julie Wajcman as she attempts to heal her foot while continuing to get on with life. Wajcman is not an athlete but rather has athletic tendencies. In addition to blogging about her recently sustained injury, she is a national corporate development manager for a non-profit organization and actively volunteers her time to important causes in her community.