I was finally taking a vacation from racing my Red Hugo Elite rollator and taking a touring vacation of the Gananoque area with my blue Hugo Elite rollator, which is equipped with a seat, in case I need to rest and ample storage space for the souvenirs, maps and even a picnic lunch.

My racing rollator is a red hot racer equipped with aero bars which drastically improves aerodynamics and a stripped down basic frame to reduce weight and further improve aerodynamics.

Speed Walking, also called Race Walking is an Olympic Sport. My own race walking with a walker will hopefully become an Olympic Sport. Wheelchairs are sport vehicles. Why not the walker? I learned to speed walk online and through assistance from race walking and speed walking clubs. My racing speed translates into a good position in the last quarter of the field, which at age 64 I am happy with.

Walk for Memories Cornwall 18 JAN 2015

Who do I race? Runners. My speed walking techniques enable me to race at 8-10km/h.

Where do I race? At any official race because my time and position is recorded accurately. The chip, usually worn around the ankle, records time and distance and prevents cheaters from taking short cuts. It was amazing how many prominent people were caught cheating until the introduction of the chip.

Touring Gananoque with Bob Hardy and his blue Hugo Elite rollator walker

Touring the 1,000 Islands with my blue Hugo Elite rollator

My wife and I rented a room with a view in Gananoque. Our balcony overlooked the St Lawrence River where we relaxed, drank a little wine and caught up on reading, crosswords and checked out the local real estate. Not really but could be buying Real Estate is one of my hobbies. My purchases never really go further than scanning the local Real Estate magazines. Window shopping.

Most of the time was spent exploring the area with my blue Hugo Elite rollator. We climbed hills, walked along the promenade and discovered many walking paths that lead to places we had never been before.

At the end of the day the under the seat storage space was filled to capacity with maps and souvenirs and the bounty of the day.

Climbing in Rockport on Gananoque tour with Bob Hardy and his blue Hugo Elite rollator walker

Climbing in Rockport.

We fell off the edge of the Parkway, or so it seemed and landed in the picturesque riverside village of Rockport. The tour with my blue Hugo Elite rollator challenged my driving skills and the braking system. Climbing the hills was a challenge requiring my lowest gears and my very sexy and powerful legs which were not shaved. My shoulder and back muscles were challenged and so was my determination.

Descending in Rockport, the brakes were overheating and so was I. My driving skills were again challenged but my Blue Hugo Elite rollator survived the rigors of the ascents and descents. And so did I.

Touring Gananoque with blue Hugo Elite and Bob Hardy

The head wind in Gananoque. We chose a very windy day to walk along the promenade and face the headwind. The heavier blue Hugo Elite rollator with storage bags was not the best choice of vehicle for the task in hand. Walking into the head wind proved very difficult and required plenty of liquified energy to propel the vehicle. With the wind in my back the trip was easy.

The sturdy frame of the Blue Hugo Elite rollator combined with the large wheels and reasonably safe braking system worked well and for most part was an effortless drive. I do enjoy the upright driving position which makes any touring trip a pleasure.

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