Love Story – Adventure of a Lifetime

If you had asked me a year ago if I would like to visit Baja Mexico, I would have said yes! But if you then told me I would be travelling not by plane and not by car, not even by bus, but by motorcycle, I would have said,

“Are you crazy?
Riding all the way from Vancouver BC to Cabo San Lucas on the back of a motorcycle? Not a chance!
I’m way too old for that kind of adventure now.”

But that would have been a year ago! Today it’s a dream that’s coming true!

Two Old Boomers Riding a Beemer through the Baja

Vern and Marilyn 1980 and 2013

We were best friends in high school, Vern and I. Just friends for 4 years and never even held hands. I had a huge crush on him and never told him. He had a huge crush on me and never told me. That was 52 years ago. This past spring when Vern was still in Mexico, he contacted me through my brother.

He came back from Mexico to visit me and, instead of just renewing an old friendship, we fell in love. But that’s not all. I fell in love not only with him but also with his stories about Mexico and his travels along the coast of the Baja Peninsula.

So we decided to travel together from Vancouver BC south through Washington, Oregon and California to Baja Mexico.

We will travel at leisure through Baja California—the northern state—then on to Baja California Sur—the southern state, and down to the tip of the Baja Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas.

Vern with his new Beemer

The most astonishing thing about our decision to visit the beautiful Baja Peninsula is our mode of transportation. Vern rides a motorcycle. A big, powerful, comfortable motorcycle.

Vern’s bike is one of the most attractive ones for touring. It is a BMW (hence the Beemer aka) R1200 GS Adventure.

Isn’t Adventure a superb name for a motorcycle that’s taking two people on a 5 month tour of Baja, Mexico!

I realize even though I am 67 years old — I’m not too old for the Adventure of my Life. Of course I will take appropriate precautions. Of course I will take it easy if I find the ride too tiring. And, of course I will stay safe. But I expect and intend to have a wonderful time.

And I have agreed, with enthusiasm, to ride the motorcycle with him on this extraordinary adventure!

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