• Hugo Claw Canes
    Our innovative Hugo Claw adjustable aluminum cane’s ergonomic handle and ultra stable cane tip provide superior comfort & increased safety.
  • Hugo Derby Canes
    Hugo Derby Handle Cane comes in many fresh colors and patterns, adjustable with 12 push-button height settings, made from lightweight aircraft-grade anodized aluminum.
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    737-155, 737-165, Hugo Ice-O-Grip Cane Tip, 1 prong or 5 prongs
    Hugo Ice-O-Grip fits all standard canes and crutches. Stainless steel prongs grip the ice to maximize stability and user safety.
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    Reflective Cane Strap
    Reflective Cane Strap, by Hugo® The new Hugo® Reflective Cane Strap attaches to any standard type cane. Manufactured from durable nylon cord with a metal connecting ring and clip. Provides the user with convenient control of the cane. Reflective patch for added night time safety.
  • Hugo Ultra-Grip Cane Tip
    Hugo Ultra-Grip Shock Absorbing Cane Tip provides fluid surface contact and a superior grip while absorbing impact shock. Fits most aluminum canes.
  • Hugo Folding Cane, cane colors
    The Hugo Folding Cane is a lightweight, ergonomic, height-adjustable cane with an anti-slip rubber tip.
  • Hugo Offset Handle Canes, cane colors

    Hugo Offset Handle Cane

    Hugo Offset comfortable grip cane is a strong and lightweight aluminum cane that features an ultra-stabilizing cane tip and 12 push-button height settings. Assorted colors and patterns available.
  • Hugo Quad Cane, with large or small base, cane colors: Ebony, Cocoa and Rose

    Hugo Quad Cane

    Quad canes by Hugo Mobility come with a large or small base to provide ultra-stabilizing support in a lightweight aluminum cane that stands by itself. Adjustable height and base for right-handed or left-handed users.
  • Hugo Quadpod Offset Cane, Cane colors: Ebony, Smoke and Aquamarine
    Hugo Quadpod Offset Cane featuring our innovative Ultra Stable Cane Tip is 54% lighter and 80% more compact than a large base quad cane.
  • Hugo® Claw™ Standing Cane Tip
    The Hugo® Claw™ Standing Cane Tip lets your cane stand on its own!
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    Hugo QuadPod Cane Tip
    Hugo QuadPod Ultra Stable Cane Tip is 54% lighter and 80% more compact than a large base quad cane. The perfect stability accessory for your cane.